Robert and Tina discover 50 Electronic Avenue

When Robert and Tina first met in Port Moody, two things happened: they fell in love with each other and they fell in love with Port Moody. When the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level, there was no question where they wanted to share a home.

“Some realtor friends suggested we should check out 50 Electronic Avenue,” Robert says. “We immediately saw the quality, but what clinched the deal was the rooftop patio. I can’t wait to get up there and watch the sunsets. I’m going to build some outdoor furniture and install a movie projector on the wall.” He grins. “And Dexter, our mostly poodle with a bit of chihuahua rescue dog, is going to love it too.”

Tina and Robert worked closely with the sales team to choose a suite that would be their dream home. They signed the presale agreement and made the down payment. It was early March.

Just days later, BC was in Covid-19 lockdown.

“Yes, we were nervous so we backed out,” Robert admits. “But after three weeks we realized something: we can weather this. We don’t need to get a mortgage for at least three years. Metro Vancouver will always be a desirable place to live, so we’ll be okay.”

They called the presentation centre and kept their fingers crossed — was the suite still available? “Yes, absolutely.” Even on the phone, there was no question the sales manager had a twinkle of delight in her eyes. “We’ve been saving it for you.”

Today, as the construction gets underway, Robert says it’s cool being able to watch their building as it goes up. And since he and Tina are currently renting a condominium just down the road, it’s something they do almost every day. “We often walk in Rocky Point Park which is right across the street from 50 Electronic Avenue,” he says, adding the proximity to this popular outdoor destination was another reason they’re “super stoked” about their purchase.


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