Smart technology for your home

With new technology evolving and making our lives easier each day, it’s no wonder that people are looking to purchase new homes that offer ease of function and style in a seamless package. Studies are beginning to show that purchasers are willing to spend more on homes fitted with smart devices, and that these homes often sell faster than their non-smart counterparts. As these trends rise, let’s dive into what features are becoming the most prominent in-home offerings in our current market.

As smart houses become more common, home assistant systems can be programmed to control the lighting, climate, entertainment systems, appliances and other helpful tasks, having a profound impact on the ease of use and accessibility of a dwelling.

New smart thermostats like Nest learns your schedule and programs itself using Wi-Fi connected to your phone and can help save energy. Then there’s smart lock systems like Kevo with its Touch-to-Open control, lock/unlock app or digital eKeys that can alleviate the worry of ever being locked out again and can also track home access from your smart phone. While many of these upgrades can be manually DIY-ed and implemented in any house, the ease of having them standard in new developments can reduce many hours of research and headache.

One project on the market that’s offering these upgrades is Ovation by Domus Homes in New Westminster. Featuring a package that modernizes the way purchasers are connected to their homes, buyers are sure to increase the functionality of their life and ensure their recent purchase is the most innovative design on the market – a home of the future.

Some developers are so keen on where this technology is headed in the next few years, they are making it standard in their new developments and future-proofing multi-family homes. Bold Properties has introduced BOLD360, its all-inclusive approach to interior design that utilizes innovative design features like some mentioned above, to make sure homeowners are living their highest quality of life.

When you’re looking for your new home, ask a sales representative about the smart technology, upgrade options and if there is future-proofing in the unit.


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