Top 4 tips for new renters

By Lynn McEachern
December 19, 2017

Moving out for the first time? While it’s exciting to have your own place, you’ll want to consider these tips for new renters beforehand, so you make a smooth transition from the family home to your own.

1. Have a chat with the Rentalsman office


The Rentalsman office is an invaluable resource. They’ll tell you about your rights and the laws and rules that you and your landlord have to follow. They can also provide the pros and cons about your future landlord.

2. Get tenant’s insurance

Tenant's Insurance

It’s only a few bucks per month, and it will help you sleep easier at night. Even if your furniture is plastic milk crates, insurance is worth it. In fact, it’s mandatory in many buildings. Talk to your insurer to make sure you’re covered.

3. Have a chat with your landlord


Are pets and kids allowed? Are there any noise issues or rules? A good pair of headphones can help when the upstairs tenants and their five kids decide to spend the day doing screaming jumping jacks. Crank up your tunes and peace out.

Ask what the tenant turnover is like (and why!). What kind of rent increases can you expect? What are the rules about yard use, outdoor barbecues, patio use, parking, laundry, garbage, candles, smoking, plants, outdoor water use, visitor parking, and having visitors?

It’s good to know this stuff in advance, and being proactive can help foster a good relationship with your landlord, which can lead to good references.

4. Consult your checklist



When you’re looking at the apartment, don’t let the gorgeous kitchen dazzle you. Make sure to always check the following:

  • The water heater. Does it work? How many apartments share it?
  • Windows and doors. Do they lock? Are they in good shape?
  • How long does it take to get hot water? Are the sinks in good shape? How’s the water pressure? What about the air circulation in the bathroom? Is there any mould?
  • Refrigerator and stove. Do they work? Are they in good shape?
  • Smoke alarms. Are there any? Is there a fire escape?
  • Are they three-pronged (i.e., grounded)?
  • Overall condition. Are the floors, carpets, walls, and ceilings in good shape? Is the place basically clean?

Click here for the full rental checklist that will help you avoid any surprises once you've made your big move.

By covering a few steps before you sign off on your first rental, you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks that will be an asset for the rest of your life – and you’ll avoid getting burned along the way.

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