Top 7 ways to spruce up your existing living room

By NextHome Staff
June 23, 2022


Designing a living room doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-blown makeover. Picking out colours, designs, hardwood, furniture, and lighting can be enough to spice up your existing living room. Although deciding on which area and piece to design can be challenging, there are various outlines to check online for ideas.

Elevating your living room design is a great idea. Remember, it doesn’t have to be costly. You can decide on being creative with layouts and adding light to your corner space. You can have a new and classy living room on a budget. Furthermore, you can decide on hiring a specialist to help you transform your space into a fancy look.

The following are ways to spruce up your existing living room.

1. Whitewash your fireplace

This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your living room without too much stretching. Use lime to whitewash your fireplace bricks to give you an appealing look. Doing this will provide you with an exciting look and your home. It is a significant project to make your outdated fireplace look modern and fancy. Keep reading for more tips on how to whitewash fireplace with lime.

2. Let in the light

Lighting can transform your existing living room into a fancy new look without any additional decoration. You can choose to open up a skylight window or curtains with more straightforward blinds to let the light in. Also, you can rethink your light choices, such as chandeliers, LED lights, lamps, pendant lights, and many other options.

Too much brightness in the house can make your living room look more spacious and impressive. You can choose the colours of your curtains to rhyme with the sofas. If you’re looking for a fancy and cosy vibe in the room, it’s advised to go for dimmer lights like lampshades. Lampshades come in different shapes, designs, colours, and fancy patterns.

3. Rearranging your existing living room

Rearranging your living room can give your space a new vibe. Simply moving your couch to another side of the room, trying a more open layout, or switching up the photos in your frames do a lot in refreshing the look of the room. This is one of the easiest ways to change everything without spending a fortune.

Rearranging your furniture from a traditional look to a new design can be the best idea. You can find companies that can help design homes online, enhancing the look of your living room.

4. Paint your living room

Giving your room new paint will instantly spruce up your existing living room. You can decide on refreshing all the walls with different colours or using colours that will match your carpet, sofas, and curtains. Also, you can explore colour variations with stripes, chevrons, or stencil work. However, all this needs planning. Plan your painting scheme well enough to get the vibe you’re looking for in the house.

You can go to the extent of consulting a profession on which colours to blend your room with. Sticking to bright colours will lighten your room, while black colours add a sophisticated vibe to the house. Painting is a budget-friendly commitment, and you can spruce your existing living room with less money.

5. Changing your artwork

You can do so many things with your old artwork; you can decide on creating a new one or adding some new pieces to enhance the old look. As much as the art on your wall is a treasure, it also impacts your room’s look. Enlarging your art can also provide an excellent look to your décor.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to look elegant. You can opt for an animal print or a large canvas to make a statement in your existing living room.

6. Declutter

Sometimes the easiest way to change your existing living room is by decluttering. Accumulating stuff in a room can create a messy look, and one can find it difficult to maintain things the way they should. If you don’t have a storage room, donate items that are no longer necessary in the living room, or reuse them in the backyard area.

Decluttering will provide a neat and open space, making your home more welcoming and fresher.

7. Create a gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to spruce up your existing living room. It can give any room personality and is a fantastic way to utilize vintage art pieces to fill up blank spaces. You can start by considering the colour of your living room, then select the main feature and a shade. Doing this creates a playful mood in the house, making your family and friends love the joy your living room portrays.


Your living room is where most things happen, whether relaxing, welcoming visitors, family meetings, and more. Sprucing it up is always a good idea. There’re a lot of options to pick from to get an exciting and classy touch in your living room.

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