Top tips: What your pets look for in a home

So you’ve found a home that ticks all the boxes: it’s the perfect location at the right price and has tons of potential. Congratulations!

But before you seal the deal, are you sure that you haven’t forgotten anything? If you’re a pet owner and want to prevent years of sulking or sabotage from your dog or cat, take note of the following tips for buying a home you’ll both love.



We all know cats enjoy looking down on everyone from a great height (literally and figuratively). So first things first: are your kitchen cupboards floor-to-ceiling or is there a space above them for a feline perch? Under no circumstances should a cat owner rent or buy a home unless it’s the latter. Your cats will appreciate being able to cozy up out of reach on top of your cupboards and keep their eyes on you.

Yes, it’s a pain getting out the stepladder to clean the tops. Yes, it’s uncomfortable feeling a pair of eyes on you while you make coffee. But happy cat, happy life.

Old or new?


You may love the stunning new build you have your eye on, but your dog doesn’t. Your dog likes the layers of scents that only an older home can provide. We aren’t talking about anything unsavoury here – just the universe of exciting smells a resale will have soaked up that only your dog can detect. You could go for a new condo if it’s in a renovated old building. You do want your dog to be stimulated, don’t you?

Yard size


To let your dog run around in freedom all day, he or she will want six acres of enclosed land populated with a few friendly canines, a mini lake, and a copse of trees. And it’s probably okay if you want to use one corner of it for your home.


Rounded sinks are ideal for cat naps

It’s bad news if you’re a fan of clean-cut, geometric designs in the bathroom because your cat isn’t. He likes to lie in round-edged sinks when he has one of his many siestas. You don’t want him to put his back out wedging himself into a rectangle shape, do you? Accommodate your cat’s preferences and he may be happy to let you use his sink to brush your teeth.

In addition to the above tips, you should also get up to speed on any residential policies on pets in your potential new home. Happy moving!

Photos by: The Cummings Company, Kathy Wing, All Cash 4 Homes, Merchant Circle, American Standard


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