5 easy home staging tips if you're selling this summer

It’s summertime and the living’s easy. Well, sometimes it seems there’s more work to be done in the supposedly lazy days of summer, now that we’re not hiding under big furry throws from those nasty wind-chill factors. But it is rewarding to see everything blossom and grow. This makes summer prime time to sell your home. Here are five easy home staging tips to make your home stand out in the sea of “For Sale” signs.

5 simple home staging tips:

1. For the love of landscaping, get outside!

Begin by keeping lawns and gardens trimmed and weeded. If you’re featuring flowerpots, remember: bigger is better.
• Exterior painting is a relatively inexpensive cost that, like the interior, makes a huge impact.
• Consider adding a privacy screen or trees to make your outdoors feel more intimate.
• Deck or patio seating gives buyers an opportunity to sit back and enjoy your hard work.

2. Air out your interiors.

Strong odours are a turn-off to potential homebuyers. If you have pungent cooking and dining preferences, consider going out when a curry craving takes hold. And speaking of strong odours, keep the kitty litter cleaned daily.
>> Must try: “Air sponges” are incredible at absorbing smells without emitting strong smell themselves. Check out Environmental Air Sponge here. Beware of plug-in air fresheners, they can be overwhelming.

3. Spick and span.

This may be the most important task and should be taken very seriously. There’s no such thing as “too clean” when you’re selling a property. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless, carpets and furniture are steam cleaned, and all cupboards, closets and pantries are neat and tidy.

4. Lighten up.

Take a cue from the nature and lighten up your decor to suit the season. This means lighter fabrics, brighter colours and vibrant patterns.
>> Must try: Opt for a pretty floral fabric that is “summery” in lieu of the heavy brocade that is great for the colder months.
The same goes for the bedding and the drapery. IKEA sells amazing ready-made drapes that will lighten a space beautifully and inexpensively as well. Edit all excess furniture and décor from each room so the effect is light and airy.

5. Declutter, de-junk.

When potential buyers see clutter, they don’t think you have a stuff problem. They think you have a storage problem. Clear it out. A yard sale lets you recycle your old, unused items and make a little money, but more importantly, it’s an excellent opportunity to market your property! If your house is already on the market, have your agent print off extra spec sheets for you to hand out during the yard sale. You never know if one of your neighbours has a friend or family member who’s is looking for a property in your area.

Selling is the typically slower summer season has some challenges, but also many advantages. And take it from me – everything looks brighter when the sun’s shining!


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