The Town of Milton slammed with $150 million lawsuit

Canadian real-estate developer, TSI International Canada has filed a $150-million lawsuit against The Town of Milton, mayor Gordon Krantz and two Milton planners, Bill Mann and Barbara Koopmans.

According to the the Mississauga-based real estate developer, in June 2010, the Town had a special council meeting and approved the plan for TSI to build single family homes on a 41 hectare parcel of land. However, this decision was later revoked due to a secret council vote in January 2013. According to the claim, “TSI had no forewarning of this action on the part of the Town, which contradicted numerous representations made to TSI by the Town and/or its employees.” Not only did this decision have serious financial repercussions for TSI, but the developer alleges that this secret vote was in fact illegal under the Municipal Act.

According to the claim, TSI has incurred approximately $1,000,000 in out-of-pocket expenses associated with the development. These expenses are unrecoverable in the event that they are not permitted to develop the lands.


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