The emotional stages of renting

You cocooned through the dead of winter and you spent way too much time indoors, which got you thinking about your living space. Now that it’s spring you can’t wait to move. Whether you’re interested in renting a new place or finally getting a rental of your own, this adventure won’t come without a slew of emotions.

Your hormones are fine, you’re just about to experience the 5 emotional renting stages:

Emotional stage of renting #1: Excitement

You have finally decided to make the move to a new or first time rental. You are currently in a good stage of your life and you’re full of excitement. You may even be too excited because you’re already trying to erase from existence the memory of your soon-to-be ex neighbour.

Emotional stage of renting #2: Delusion

After your excitement phase, however, it’s a steep fall into delusion. Excitement is currently fogging your good judgment and has you dreaming about all the possibilities that come with a new place. During this stage, you’re convinced that you’re finally going to find that perfect rental in the heart of the city that also fits your budget (you’re delusional).

Emotional stage of renting #3: Disbelief

No need to panic because stage 3 of your renting adventure is going to bring you right back down to earth into a sea of disbelief. This stage is likely to hit you right after your first day of apartment hunting – and will be the hardest. Just tough it out. After you eat a whole jar of Nutella and rummage through the Renters Guide app, it will just be a matter of time before you’re out of this emotional saga.

Emotional stage of renting #4: Anticipation

Once you exit your stage 3 rut, you will find yourself filled with anticipation. You have a good feeling about the next rentals you’re going to visit and you’re feeling positive about finally finding the right one.

Emotional stage of renting #5: Relief

Finally! Breathe in and breathe out, you have found the one. Despite some nausea, this final stage is filled with relief, as well as some remnants from stage 1 (and not so surprisingly, another jar of Nutella).

Now take some time to relax and pat yourself on the back because you have officially gone through all 5 emotional stages of renting. Wasn’t it all worth it?


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