Flex Houz: Marshall Homes’ solution to the GTA housing

The GTA finds itself in an affordable housing crisis that threatens young families’ ability to live the “Canadian Dream”.

With tricky mortgage rules, high prices and low availability, it has become increasingly more difficult to own a home.

Marshall Homes has come up with a solution for these families with a new take on the “family” home called the Flex Houz. This full-size family dwelling offers the ability for multi-generational families to live within the comfort of their neighbourhoods with the bonus of both practical and financial benefits.

Whether it be aging parents needing care or Millennial-aged children requiring financial assistance, the Flex Houz provides a way to accommodate all.

“You think about people living with disabilities, older people and people trying to afford housing and how it is that we are going to get more of these people into less space,” said Craig Marshall, founder and owner of Marshall Homes. “With the ability to be so flexible with how it is the tenants of the house are living, this is quite an innovative opportunity,” he said. “There’s the ability to start as a regular home and convert it as needs change which gives families more benefits for their money.”

The Flex Houz presents itself with the expected exterior beauty of a Marshall home while the interior includes a single-family dwelling with a private self-contained unit on the main floor. This accessible individual unit allows homeowners to utilize the spacious area for parents, children or visitors. Each of the units has the feature of typical home, and an interior door separates two front doors, living areas, kitchens, garages and laundry rooms. Both are independently customizable, as is the overall floorplan.

The Flex Houz design gives families the opportunity to build equity and acts as a middle ground — allowing parents of Millennial children to assist with a mortgage while earning equity (as the house appreciates) and remaining close to loved ones ­— Marshall sees this system as a win-win.

“This is a way for families to grow together and stay together. Whether it be in-laws/parents needing a home for the winter, or a child needing a space of their own — the Flex Houz is an option that can be customized to suit families as they grow,” said Marshall.

Sales of the Flex Houz began last fall, with a base price of $1.6 million. With homes available in West Pickering, the location ideal for family life.

For more information on the Flex Houz, visit marshallhomes.ca


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