3 reasons to buy a condo in Bridgeland

Here are three reasons to buy a condo in Bridgeland:

reasons_to_buy_condo_in_bridgeland_1st Avenue NE#1. 1st Avenue NE1st Avenue NE to Bridgeland is what 17th Avenue SW is to the belt line. From east to west, this street is packed with everything that you could hope for, just a few steps from the latest multi-family projects like Bridgeland Crossings, Einstein 2, Steps, NEXT, 43 Park and LiFTT. Craving some delicious food? Jaunt down 1st Avenue NE and discover Sushi Bar Zipang, La Dolce Vita, Blue Star Diner, The Main Dish or maybe Il Sogno – some of Calgary’s best. During spring and summer, this main strip really comes alive with curb-side patios and visitors from all over Calgary enjoying the sights and sounds.reasons_to_buy_condo_in_bridgeland_bow River#2. Bow RiverImagine walking from 1st Avenue NE south, down the hill toward the Memorial Trail pedestrian pass, then up and over to the Bow River pathways in just a few short minutes. From hardcore exercise to a leisurely stroll with your pet, the Bow River and its network of parks and pathways extend for countless kilometres and lead toward other vibrant areas of our city including East Village, Inglewood, Eau Claire, downtown and the zoo. They’re areas that are all reachable on foot within minutes of your condo in Bridgeland – what’s not to like about that!?reasons_to_buy_condo_in_bridgeland_C-Train Station#3. C-Train StationWe all have better things to do than to wait around in traffic. Fact is, Calgary is rapidly growing which means more vehicles on our roads and longer waits getting to and from our destinations. A condo in Bridgeland means you can skip rush hour by simply walking down to the Bridgeland LRT Station, easily accessible by using the same pedestrian pass mentioned above? You will be amazed at how much time you really save when using the Calgary C-Train system, that is set to get a whole lot bigger in the years to come.If you’re considering buying that condo in Bridgeland, there are at least three reasons why it’s a smart move.


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