Brigil plans redevelopment of Village Cartier

Gilles Desjardins, Brigil president and founder.

Brigil recently announced plans to redevelop Village Cartier, the first commercial centre built in 1965 in the Outaouais on Saint-Joseph Boulevard near Saint-Raymond Boulevard. And the company is asking for the public’s input.

“First, we will organize public consultations to gather suggestions and needs from actual tenants, the population in general and the neighbourhood. We will also ask them to find a future name for the premises,” says Brigil president and founder, Gilles Desjardins. He says interested individuals are welcome to express their views and opinions on the company’s website and social media sites, with the ultimate goal to “give back this location to the citizens, so they could be proud of it. It’s a central and strategic spot located in Gatineau. We will create a rich and dynamic space and develop it.”

Village Cartier covers more than 16 acres, including 684,000 sq. ft. of land and 264,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. The redevelopment is estimated to have 26,000 residential units, employ 150 people, 1,200 sub-contractors and have: Multi-functional spaces for all age groups including social housing, luxury condos from the company’s APOGEE series, restaurants, offices, hotel, cinema, theatre, yoga studio — all ideas are on the table, says Desjardins. “We are dreaming, and we want to dream with the population.”

Louise Boudrias, Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond city councillor, says the development plans are good news, pointing to the announcement last year that the city of Gatineau is planning to revamp St. Joseph Boulevard. “One of my main objectives is to work to revitalize this important corridor,” says Boudrias. “This project from Brigil is aligned with my vision and I’m very enthusiastic to see what the company will present in the next few years.”

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