2020 design trends

We catch up with Karen Kang, the director of the Interior Design Show, to find out the latest trends that will be inspiring your design choices for 2020.

Trend: Home and wellness

Freshwater prefab Muskoka cottage.

Concept: It’s about rethinking the future of your home, where wellness is the main focus of your living spaces. From the use of natural light and natural materials to green areas within, the future of home is about creating spaces where you can thrive.

Trend: Modern and natural kitchens

Blanco Quatrus R15 U super single, stainless-steel sink.

Concept: The new kitchen is still modern, but looking at natural materials and finishes to bring some organic and warm touches into your space.

Trend: Sophisticated yet playful lighting

Yellow Goat Design custom fixture.

Concept: One of the main trends in lighting design is to work with essential forms, to create lamps that can easily adapt to any space, lasting over the changes of different styles and trends. Shapes are inspired by geometry, especially by the circle, which was one of the key shapes of last year.

Trend: Work-life balance

Frovi relic cloud multi-purpose table.

Concept: Wellness continues to dominate the trends both at home and in commercial and workspace applications. Incorporating comfortable furniture, indoor greenery and open spaces ensure that needs (multi-generational, abilities) of co-workers are met.

Trend: Rise of

Frovi relic table with benches.

Concept: Commercial applications are influencing residential design and vice versa. Commercial furniture is taking on the softness of residential furniture as people desire to work in comfort.


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