7 ways to make your rental feel like home

Owning a home isn’t for everyone so if you find yourself looking for a long-term rental then here are a few tricks to give your place that personal touch – without losing your damage deposit.

Here are some easy tricks to make your rental feel like home:

1. Decals for decor

feel like home

Wall decals are a quick and affordable way to touch up your rental and online companies like Etsy sell a wide variety for all rooms. Add inspirational words or a fun geometric pattern to the front room. Or, add a few trees and animals to a nursery.

2. Temporary wallpaper

feel like home

Like decals, wallpaper now comes in more temporary formats and offers another swift solution to changing up your interior’s aesthetic.

3. Funky fixtures

feel like home

You can update any room by adding new door handles and cabinet fixtures – most of which can be purchased for fewer than $10 at your local home and design shops. Just remember to return the original fixtures to your landlord.

4. A splash of paint

feel like home

An updated shade on the walls can do wonders for refreshing an interior. It’s always worth talking to your landlord to see if you can come to an agreement on a paint job. In some cases, they may even pay for the supplies in exchange for labour.

5. Add plants

feel like homePlants are an easy way to brighten up any space. Terrariums are a nice way to add a decorative touch that’s easy enough to move at any time.

6. Tie the room together

feel like home

Whether it’s an accent piece or something to cover a less than desirable floor, an area rug will give your main room an added layer. And when it’s time to move on, simply roll it up and go.

7. Profile wall

feel like home

It’s always advisable to check with landlords on their policy with holes in the wall but in many cases this is to be expected. Adding picture walls with personal photos, maps from recent travel destinations or small bits of artwork and souvenirs you’ve collected over the years is not only inexpensive; it’s also a great way to make your rental feel like your own personal residence.


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