Cedarglen Homes introduces Net Zero program towards a greener future

By NextHome Staff
February 03, 2023

The goal at Cedarglen Homes has always been to build the most functional, efficient, and stylishly affordable homes, and the award-wining homebuilder takes a big step towards the creation of its perfect home with the introduction of its new Net Zero program.

Cedarglen Homes is now among the select few home builders in Alberta who have been officially designated as a qualified Net Zero Builder through the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA).

“For those who are interested in exploring the Net Zero building route, we have developed a comprehensive program that allows homebuyers to choose their level of investment in making their new home Net Zero certified,” Cedarglen Homes President Howard Tse says.

Cedarglen’s Net Zero program is just the latest in its 40-year history of innovative home designs. It has built a reputation for creating some of the most iconic, family-centric homes that span the range from starter, to move-up, to estate homes.
Some of their more recent innovations include the M Series bungalows that allow for single-level, single-family homes on smaller lots; there’s also the third-storey loft that effectively adds a fourth developable level to the traditional two-storey home.

Now comes the next evolution – making homes that produce as much energy as they consume: the Net Zero Home.
Tse says that Cedarglen Homes is taking this next step in anticipation of the coming government mandates in sustainable homebuilding practices.

“Cedarglen Homes has always been passionate about sustainable building practices, and in the next decade there will be new guidelines in place that will make this mandatory,” he points out. “In 2016, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change committed to a net-zero ready building code by 2030. In anticipation of this upcoming change, we have recently been recognized by the CHBA as a Qualified Net Zero Builder.”



A fully certified Net Zero home can be defined as a house that generates as much renewable energy as it consumes on an annual basis. A Net Zero-ready home in comparison, is essentially a Net Zero home without the renewable energy resources (i.e. solar panels) installed – therefore it has been designed to consume as little energy as possible.

“At Cedarglen Homes, our Net Zero Inspired program allows homebuyers to choose their level of investment in making their new home Net Zero certified by choosing from one of five distinct packages. Each of these packages will improve your homes overall performance, which can have significant benefits to homebuyers with regards to comfort, health, and financial stability,” he adds.

Every home in its Net Zero program will vary slightly in the amount of energy savings, depending on several factors including the orientation of the lot, the size of the house, the number of solar panels installed, and the extent that homebuyers choose to make their home more sustainable.

“A fully certified Net Zero home is up to 80 per cent more energy efficient than typical new homes and ultimately achieves an EnerguideTM rating of ‘zero’. This rating means that the home generated as much energy as it consumed annually,” Tse says.
Building a Net Zero home does come with additional cost, which Tse estimates can range between $60,000 to $80,000 for full certification, he does think it is a worthwhile investment.

“While building a fully certified Net Zero home requires a larger investment, it can result in a multitude of savings over time with regards to energy bills.”

Cedarglen’s Net Zero program, however, does allow buyers to adjust in accordance with their budget.

“Depending on ones’ budget they can still make valuable changes without opting to build a fully certified Net Zero home. For example, the first package (Net Zero Inspired) focuses on core performance features that may not be easily seen at first glance but that would allow homebuyers to avoid costly renovations in the future (i.e. additional insulation, solar panel ready wiring etc.). Building from there, each package adds a few more features to improve the homes performance with the final package allowing the home to achieve a full Net Zero certification.”

A showhome that will display all the Net Zero benefits is in the works, but interested parties can already learn about them at any of their existing showhomes in the city. Be sure to follow Cedarglen Homes on social media to be among the first to hear when this new showhome will be open to the public.

To understand what features are included in each package, visit www.cedarglenhomes.com/net-zero-builder

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