Edmonton leads the way in Alberta's net zero homes revolution

By Pepper Rodriguez
February 19, 2024

Net zero homes may seem to be just the latest buzz word in the new home industry these days, but it’s certainly become serious business. Given the fact that cost of utilities continues to rise and the added burden of the carbon tax, many are now taking into consideration the new ways to make new home living more sustainable.

Recently, more new home builders are turning to net zero homes as climate change continues to factor into our daily lives and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become central in how businesses and lives are conducted today.

Edmonton has always been a leader in this revolution and now the rest of Alberta is catching up, as more net zero homes, and Net Zero-ready homes, become available.

Net zero refers to a home producing as much energy as it uses in a year. There are three components that make your home net zero: building envelope, mechanical system and a renewable energy source. Solar panels, multi-pane windows, even efficient building processes contribute to make an energy-efficient home The following are a few of Edmonton’s most popular new home builders that are offering net zero homes.

Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential has been studying how to efficiently build net zero homes for the better part of a decade and they are opening new showhomes in Edmonton and Calgary that display all that they have learned so far.

Their first attempt in building an energy efficient home was with the passive house they completed in 2019, says Brookfield Residential’s Lindsey Wachowicz, Business Strategies Manager, Land & Housing Development for Alberta.

She says what they had learned in building the passive house was that the resulting costs didn’t make sense for production housing at that time. “Since then, there have been a lot of new innovation introduced that may change the outcome we saw back then.”

Today, Brookfield Residential’s net zero home is far different from that passive house, because there are different requirements for modeling and construction details required, and now the multi-national homebuilder and land developer feels more confident in how to efficiently build Net Zero homes.

“Later this year, we will look to introduce Energy Efficient packages that include a limited net zero and net zero ready offering,” she says.

“Net zero is important for future homebuyers to consider because it is an 80 per cent more efficient home,” she says. “With a thicker wall assembly, and an ASHP (air source heat pump) for your mechanical system – the home runs more efficiently and the energy used can be offset from the solar panels – this can help futureproof your home of any electrical rate increases.”

With the advanced construction methods and materials, a new net zero home is a more comfortable with more even temperatures throughout. “The additional benefit of a tightly built home is it is a quieter home. Last, ultimately knowing you are helping support the environment, our net zero home saves 14 tonnes GHG emissions/year.” That is equivalent to getting 11 gas powered vehicles off the road per year.”

In Edmonton, Brookfield Residential has the Belvedere 4, a rear lane single family showhome in Edgemont. This home features three bedrooms, a bonus room, and a luxurious curved staircase. “For net zero, the home features an ASHP with a natural gas furnace as the back-up heat source. It also features a net zero wall assembly, high efficiency triple pane windows, electric appliances, and fireplace, as well 24 solar panels – just to name a few features.”

Although there is an added price component in building a Net Zero home from 10 to 15 per cent more than a regular home, Wachowicz says to keep in mind the savings and peace of mind that a sustainable home design can provide.

Go to alberta.brookfieldresidential.com for more information.

Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes has been at the forefront of the sustainable home movement in Edmonton, having built their first Net Zero home back in 2012. Between then and 2017 they have built 25 more net-zero homes, refining the process and technology to introduce Canada’s first affordable net zero home.

Moheb Habashy, Digital Marketing Manager at Landmark Homes tells Edmonton New Home + Condo Guide that it took the builder 5 years of research and development to introduce Canada’s first affordable net zero home in 2017. “The Pisa was built in the Maple Crest community of Edmonton and was just under $400,000 that met an attainable price point for the average family, giving Landmark Homes international recognition to successfully deliver an affordable net zero home to the market.”
Today, Landmark Homes is an industry leader in producing not just net zero homes, but all types of homes. “We have our own R&D department and part of what they do is that they research everything that entails energy efficiency and energy conservation and practically apply it to our net-zero homes and all of our products, following best practices and 12 years of experience building net-zero and net-zero-ready have made us experts in building high-performance, energy efficient and healthier homes that fit all budgets,” Habashy says.

Landmark’s CEO and founder, Reza Nasseri, he points out, has always been passionate about innovation and sustainability, which led him to streamline the home building process and move construction indoors.

“Reza revolutionized the home building process by bringing cutting-edge technology for building homes indoors which was and still key to Landmark Homes leadership in sustainability and success in building net-zero homes,” he says.

Landmark Homes can build net-zero and net-zero ready homes in any of the communities they are found in where 150 amps lots are available. One at Keswick, Rivers Edge, Aster, Blatchford and more. “We currently have our Net-Zero show home open on weekends in Blatchford, and we would love to welcome you to experience the difference and to learn more about our net-zero product” he says.

Find out more at landmarkhomes.ca.

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