Homes by Avi: Celebrating 45 Years of Building Homes for Customers Just Like You

By NextHome Staff
March 17, 2023

When Homes by Avi started in 1978, it was the very definition of a family-run company. Today, it has grown into one of the province’s biggest homebuilding and development corporations, with holdings in Edmonton, Calgary, and in the United States. But throughout this spectacular growth, it remains true to its roots of treating each customer as family.

“We first entered the housing market in 1978. Twenty years later, we expanded into the city of Edmonton, “ Homes by Avi Chairman and Founder, Avi Amir, tells Edmonton New Home + Condo Guide. “We have gone through the severe changes in the Alberta housing market, but one thing that will never change, is the respectful way in which we treat our customers, our employees and our trades and suppliers.”

When Avi Amir started what was then called Avi Construction, his wife and three children were all involved in running the day-to-day operations. Amir’s son, Charron Ungar started the multi-family division and took over as CEO in 2018. He has guided the company through the economic slowdown and pandemic-induced turbulence of the last few years and the company has emerged stronger than ever, adding to its array of home builder awards.

“I’m very proud of what the company’s been able to achieve over the past 45 years and I look forward to what the next 45 years hold in store for our company,” says Ungar. “It’s quite an achievement to be able to celebrate a 45th anniversary, and that comes from a team of people, getting together, backing a vision for what we are able to do and we’re only getting stronger.”

The company continues to grow its Group of Companies which now includes Avi Construction, a full-service contractor providing everything from design to construction management to the development and management of multi-family/mixed-use developments, Blue Jean Condo Management, a full-service and fully licensed condo management company, Blue Jean Property Management a fully licensed Property Management brokerage, and Avi Land their land development division.



As they celebrate their 45th anniversary this year, Homes by Avi remains committed to its vision of building stylish, energy-efficient, thoughtfully designed homes that bring families together, truly providing better value by design. And to mark the milestone, Homes by Avi is offering several buyer promotions and celebrating its relationships with customers, employees, trades, and business partners the only way they know how – as a family.

Homes by Avi Sales Manager, Micah Dueck, says the celebrations will happen throughout 2023 and will give plenty of opportunities for Homes by Avi’s customers to celebrate with them.

“This is no small anniversary and one we are exceptionally proud of, but not just because we’ve reached 45 years, this reflects a full history of quality service, of dream-making, and the result of thousands of happy Homes by Avi homeowners,” Dueck tells Edmonton New Home + Condo Guide.

“It is a humbling and a huge honour for us to be appreciated and supported by our customer base, business partners and municipalities. “2022 was a successful year for Homes by Avi” says Dueck.

“In Edmonton, particularly, 2022 was, in a word, fulfilling. We enjoyed close relationships with our clients, helped hundreds of families find their home, and saw some impressive gains in efficiencies throughout our organization.” Dueck adds that 2023 is off to a great start.

“With an increased purchaser demand, huge increases in visitor volume at our show homes, and exciting incentives, we are sparking some awesome client conversations. It’s going to be a fantastic year for our purchasers! “We offer solutions, improved living options and dream fulfillment – these priorities will never go out of style.”

There is plenty of action in Edmonton, as Homes by Avi has several developments coming down the pipeline. Coming soon are front-drive homes in the new West community of Rivers Edge; and front-drive and laned homes in the new community of Marquis West in the city’s north. Front-drive and duplex homes are currently selling in the recently-launched community of Elan in Beaumont. Dueck also reminds buyers that the final phase for front-drive homes is now selling in Cy Becker.

Beyond the business of selling homes, Homes by Avi has deep roots within the community and remains committed to giving back – and not just on this anniversary year. Among its charitable work are sponsorships supporting Stollery Children’s Hospital, Hope Mission, Edmonton Food Bank and most recently with the announcement of the Homes by Avi $500,000 Bursary to NAIT, for their Skilled Trades Program.

Visit to find out more about the homes available and communities they build in, as well as more information on their 45thanniversary promotions.


Homes by Avi communities in Edmonton and Area:

Village at Griesbach
Uplands at Riverview

Bungalows Villa
Riverside (in St. Albert)

Duplex Homes
Maple Crest

Laned Homes
Village at Griesbach
Uplands at Riverview

Front Drive Homes
Cy Becker
Village at Griesbach
Riverside (in St. Albert)
The Orchards
Uplands at Riverview

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