Online Reservations keeps Logel Homes on cutting edge of Calgary’s new home market

By NextHome Staff
September 18, 2023

Logel Homes is enjoying record sales in 2023, but the vaunted, Calgary-based developer remains committed to improving the homebuying experience as it becomes the first multi-family builder to offer online reservations for buying homes.

As first-time homebuyers and more out-of-province homebuyers turn to Calgary to make their homeowning dream come true, the ability to complete homebuying transactions online is key. Logel Homes has partnered with Ownly to make it easier and safer for their homebuyers to find their new home.

“Logel Homes is leading a revolution in Alberta’s home buying experience. We’re proud to be the first multi-family builder in the province to enable customers to get verified, discover their buying power, home valuation, and reserve their home online,” says Logel Homes Marketing Manager, Reilly LePage.

“In collaboration with Ownly, we are addressing homebuyers’ pain points. Through the Ownly Verified system, potential buyers can now quickly and confidently discover their buying power without the traditional hurdles. We are giving power and clarity to the customer.”

Ownly is a real estate buyer verification platform that gives buyers a secure way to confirm their identities and buying power in minutes.

“Our partnership with Ownly is redefining the landscape of residential real estate sales. The entire sales process becomes more predictable, efficient, and builds trust from the outset,” LePage adds.

“With our new verification and homebuying power discovery tools, potential buyers can know their purchasing power in under three minutes. This isn’t just about online buying; it’s about speed, simplicity, and streamlining a process that was once cumbersome.”

Logel Homes is going from strength to strength and is coming off its third straight Multi-Family Builder of the Year win at the 2023 BILD Calgary Awards. The developer’s innovative approach to not only the designs of their condos and townhomes, but in the novel way they get their customers to benefit from it, has been the key attribute to their growth.



“We’re always looking for innovative ways to serve our customers better. Being the first builder to offer Air Miles rewards for online reservations demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer value.”

2023 is looking to be a banner year at Logel Homes with several exciting developments on the go. Logel Homes is launching their first development in the lakeside southeast community of Mahogany, Waterside at Mahogany on October 21. Ahead of that they are also announcing the start of Phase 2 of their wildly successful Seton West also in the southeast on September 30th. They also have Street Towns in Silverton and ongoing developments in the northwest with Livingston Views and Sage Walk Condos & Townhomes.

With their new homebuying tools, all these homes are available for sale online.

“We recognize the evolving needs of today’s homebuyers, especially the younger demographic who value online interactions. Our shift to online sales is a testament to our dedication to meeting our customers where they are and how they want to engage.”

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