Pretty in Pink - Inspiring baby room ideas

Designer Jaclyn Harper creates a dainty nursery for her daughter Evie and shares some information on how you can create your own personalized baby room

There are so many things to consider when designing your baby’s nursery. Do you want it to be gender specific? Do you want furniture that will grow with your child? Is it a small space? Are you on a tight budget? I’ll stop there. It can be overwhelming for sure! I’m here to help. Let’s get you thinking about your nursery by breaking the design down into three parts.


Before you decide on a colour or finishes for your room, it’s important to consider the space that you’re working with. If you have a small nursery (like I do), I’d suggest avoiding heavy and bulky furniture items. This means opting for a crib that has thin spindles and sleek lines. Keep this in mind when shopping for your dresser and glider as well. The bigger the furniture, the smaller your room will feel. The only item this does not apply to is an area rug. I love the look of a layered rug to make a room feel cosy. There are some fantastic washable options for kids that you can throw right into the washing machine. I then like to ground the space with a large neutral rug. This can add texture and warmth to the nursery.


When it comes to the colour of your space, I’ve got a great rule for you to consider. I call it the 60-30-10 rule – 60 per cent will be the primary colour. For example, let’s choose white (I love a neutral white wall for any space). Then you’d choose a secondary colour at 30 per cent for the room – let’s go with pink. Lastly, your accent colour, which is your 10 per cent, could be green. I know this sounds like a strange combination, but if you look at my nursery for Evie, that’s exactly what I’ve done. This is a great colour theory for any room in your home. Also keep in mind, when it comes to colour, you don’t have to go crazy with your paint selection. Stick to areas that you can change easily such as smaller accessories. Crib sheets, throw blankets, pillows and rugs are a great place to play with colour and pattern. Bouclair ( has quite the selection of colourful accessories to choose from in its baby and kids’ line, but you can also use items from its regular line, which can then grow with the space.


Speaking of accessories, the biggest tip I can give you would be – don’t over do it. A lot of the time, people put too many trinkets on display, which can ultimately make the space look and feel cluttered. Go for fewer items on display to finish off your nursery. For instance, I’ve decorated Evie’s nursery with simple accessories such as a curated selection of children’s books, a plush stuffie, an adorable frilly dress, potted plants and even single pair of shoes. Now, that’s practical decor, right? The Shoe Fairy ( has an amazing selection of shoes for your nursery. I also suggest artwork that isn’t just for your baby. You’re the one that will be spending copious amounts of time in this space. Make it livable and enjoyable for you. Purchase a piece that you love – you will be staring at it a lot!

Fun Tip:
You can use green painter’s tape to measure out the furniture you’re sourcing. It will help give you an idea how everything will fit into the room.

Jaclyn Harper is a TV host, interior stylist and new mom living in Burlington, Ont. You may recognize her from shows such as Tiny Talent Time, Morning Live First Edition and The Shopping Channel. She has also worked behind the scenes for the Property Brother’s Show Buying And Selling. When Jaclyn isn’t on TV or creating beautiful designs, you’ll find her latest projects on her blog From DIYs, design projects to life as a new mom, her lifestyle blog and YouTube channel give her fans a peek into her family life.



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