Reinventing Georgetowns Hotel McGibbon

SilverCreek is breathing new life into Georgetowns Hotel McGibbon.

It’s easy to get passionate about art, music and politics, but few disciplines can cause as much excitement as architecture. The design of our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, places of worship and other buildings in our communities makes a huge impact on our lives. We live in, with and amongst these structures for our lifetimes. We see them every day. They become our landmarks, our meeting places, and where we create our memories.

When it comes to design, nothing defines a community quite like exceptional architecture. Think New York City’s Guggenheim, Dubai’s Burj al Arab, The Sydney Opera House – there are hundreds of examples of buildings that imbue a city with personality and charm. Suffice to say, that with memorable architecture comes a visible sense of rhythm; a visual communing with its surrounding. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Every great architect is necessarily a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”

Enter the newly reinvented Hotel McGibbon, a project that celebrates modern design through a skillful blend of contemporary architecture and historical preservation. This highly anticipated project is easily among Georgetown’s most exciting, new “mixed use” developments. The design by Studio JCI, a multi-award-winning, international architectural firm, in partnership with local real estate development and construction experts, SilverCreek, is nothing less than extraordinary.

“Our team fell in love with Georgetown and the rich history of the Hotel McGibbon. We set out to honour the incredible legacy of this iconic landmark by restoring its original, handsome façade. At the same time, we wanted to offer residents a spectacular modern lifestyle, immersing them in nature and the atmosphere. We believe our design brings the past and the future together boldly. We hope and trust everyone will take great pride in it,” says Jaegap Chung, principal, Studio JCI.

The McGibbon design goes far beyond the “mandatory” urban design requirements. It demonstrates that a healthy building is not just about clean air and safety, but also creates emotional health and comfort, on the inside and out. Hence the “cascading terraces” and upscale interiors drenched in natural light. Future residents report that they love the idea of living in brightly lit homes with views and terraces that connect them to nature and absorb them with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Despite the large-scale boldness of its design, the architectural vision demonstrates a sensitivity to pedestrians and a mastery of details, too. These “little things,” like hidden courtyards and beautiful gathering nooks, are easy to miss, but will greatly enrich the lives of McGibbon’s residents.

Ultimately, the SilverCreek team views The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon as part of the local Georgetown fabric. SilverCreek builds for communities, not just in them. They’ve partnered with a creative team who shares their ambition to bring ‘artful living’ to Georgetown. They’ve designed a building that’s meant to inspire pride in a community that deeply values the artistic and the creative. SilverCreek will ensure it does.

For more information, visit the presentation centre located at Main and Mill in Georgetown. For more details, connect to


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