Smart is the new sexy in new homes

By Pepper Rodriguez
January 10, 2023

It used to be that the handclap-activated light fixture was the extent of home automation, but now everything can be controlled from your smart phone, as Siri and Alexa increasingly form the matrix of home life.

Thermostats, door locks, security cameras, even the window blinds can all be controlled by a simple voice command, as the power to control every facet of home life is at your fingertips. Today more homebuyers are opting for smart home installations as technology becomes more powerful, plentiful, advanced and affordable.

Homebuyers now can get all the bells and whistles of a smart home when they move into their new home, or they can choose to make it a DIY project with the easy availability of smart home technology.

Blair Deault, Smart Home Technology Consultant at Jayman BUILT says it makes perfect sense to incorporate smart technology in home life for increased safety and comfort.

Having smart home technology gives homeowners the power to know what is happening in the home when they are away, he tells Calgary New Home + Condo Guide. “Is my door open? Is my garage door open? Is someone inside the home? Is there a water leak? Did I leave lights on? Is my door locked? Now, you can find out and set your mind at ease while you’re away on vacation.”

He adds that smart home technology also has the ability to increase energy savings by shutting off lights that are not in use, schedule thermostat to low when no one’s at home. “You get the added comfort of always having the right temperature when you’re at home, lighting levels, and even natural light by controlling the blinds. You also get the added security of knowing when packages arrive at your front door or who is at your home.”



Jayman BUILT has included smart home technology as part of their standard package since 2020, and homebuyers are responding very favourably. And why not when a simple press of a button or voice command can get your home functioning the way you want it to.

Deault says having home automation a standard was important to them, and that buyers have responded well to the initiative.

“Home automation makes our homes safer, healthier, and we are able to leverage home technology for greater energy efficiency,” he says.

“Making smart home technology benefits available to everyone - from starter homes to our luxury homes... taking something that was once only affordable by a few and making it available to all. Every homeowner should be able to leverage this technology to live safer, healthier, smarter and more energy efficient using this technology,” he adds.

Jayman BUILT includes the following as standards now with every home purchase:

• Smart Door Lock – Schlage Encode
• Smart Thermostat – Ecobee Smart Thermostat
• Smart Lighting – Kasa Smart Switches & Dimmers
• Smart Security – Ring Video Doorbell & Floodlight Camera
• Smart Display – Amazon Echo Show 5, which is the hub or integrator that connects all the devices listed.
• Smart Garage Door Opener – Linear Smart Garage Door Opener (when applicable)

“Our standard smart home technology package is included in our spec homes, showhomes and pre-sale homes. Every Jayman BUILT home includes this!” Deault says. He adds that it’s easy enough to add to this package to suit each lifestyle, like putting in additional smart light switches, light fixtures, and more smart speakers or security cameras.
“Jayman tested, negotiated direct with manufacturers to select best in class equipment and manufacturers, complete compatibility and integration with no monthly monitoring costs. The system can easily be upgraded, enhanced for decades to come,” he adds.

Deault says Jayman BUILT has been able to keep costs low with their massive purchasing power and that there isn’t a lot of difference between the price of a Jayman BUILT home with all these standard home automation features, and a home that doesn’t.

Visit your nearest Jayman BUILT showhome to try it out. Go to to learn more.

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