Trico Homes renews partnership with community recreation centre

By NextHome Staff
February 03, 2021

Trico Homes builds communities in more ways than one, and the renewal of its naming sponsorship agreement with the Trico Centre for Family Wellness recreation facility is yet one more way that it gives back and supports the community.

On January 27, Trico Homes announced the renewal of its naming sponsorship agreement with Trico Centre for a second 10-year term. It follows the $1.5 million naming sponsorship it signed with the vital recreation facility in 2008, and they are now the first to renew their commitment with another $2 million investment to create a 20-year strategic partnership.

Trico Centre is a non-profit, community-operated fitness and wellness facility located in South Calgary that operates with a unique community partnership model by working directly with 34 South Calgary Community Associations. Trico’s placemaking approach has helped to create a welcoming community where people come together to find connection, happiness and enrich their well-being.



“Hearing that Trico Centre opened its doors on this day 38 years ago, we couldn’t think of a more fitting day to begin the next chapter of this community partnership,” says Wanda Palmer, VP Marketing for Trico Homes. “The Trico Centre is so much more than a recreation facility; it is a place that brings people together from all ages and backgrounds and encourages community connections through fitness and wellness activities. It is amazing to see how big this tight-knit community has grown, and we look forward to supporting family recreation and healthy lifestyles in Calgary for another 10 years.”

“We are so pleased that Trico Homes is renewing its naming sponsorship for another 10-year term,” says Sheryl McGie, Acting General Manager. “Both Trico Homes and Trico Centre operate with many of the same values and goals in creating communities full of healthy and vibrant residents, and we are so proud of this partnership. At Trico Centre, we are able to provide many opportunities for all types of wellness and have been doing so for the last 38 years! With the support of Trico Homes, we will be able to continue bringing unique and engaging opportunities to people for another 10 years, and beyond.”

Sponsorship dollars will be designated for future capital expenses and facility improvements.

Like all recreation facilities in Calgary, Trico Centre remains closed currently as mandatory provincewide restrictions remain in effect to limit the further spread of COVID-19. Go to for more information.

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