Beaconsfield is a largely suburban independent town in Montreal's West Island region. The town stretches along the waterfront of the Saint Laurence River beginning at Devon Road in the West, and Jasper Road in the East, where it meets Points-Claire Village. Near its Western edge, the town reaches as far North as Highway 40, but curves back down below Kirkland Boulevard.


Most of the town is remarkably green, with many homes sporting large lawns and gardens, supplemented with nearby wooden areas. You'll meet people of all ages, mostly small families. Unlike the areas further west, Beaconsfield has more urban areas and is closer to the larger shopping destinations of the West Island, so it's common to find young adults and off-class high school students around those parts.

The Vibe

Most of the neighbourhood has a very relaxed, laid-back vibe. The parks tend to be quiet, and the streets too. You'll often have plenty of space to yourself with few distractions other than the scenery. The one exception is along Saint Charles, where the town is much more urban. That stretch has more of an inner-city vibe, with lots of traffic and pedestrians pouring down from the train station.

Meet the Neighbours

Beaconsfield is a predominantly English-speaking part of Montreal and families make up one of largest demographic in the area. In the heavily residential areas, you'll spot tons of kids as the schools let out their classes in the afternoons, while along Saint Charles you'll run into teenagers and college-aged young adults. There's also a large number of retired couples.

In the Area

Beaconsfield has a lot to offer for residents. There's a slew of its own public institutions such as a library and hockey arena. There's also the Beaurepaire Village which is home to plenty of mom & pop style stores, services and restaurants. As the town runs along the water, you can also take advantage of the yacht club is you own a boat.

Distance from City Hall

29.5 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There are two train stations in Beaconsfield, close to both of the main commercial areas, and a few bus routes which can take you downtown or into nearby Pointe-Claire to the Fairview bus terminal. It still takes a while to get into the city by public transportation though. Inside the town, things can be stretched out, so owning a car makes getting around easier than walking.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Beaconsfield is not as distant from the city as either St-Anne's or Baie d'Urfé, but it can still feel isolated at times, especially in some of the remote residential corners. There's pockets of night life, which is great for the young adult in us all, but the variety is a little lacking. For better or worse, you'll always be meeting the same people at the local hotspots.

Dollars & Sense

Living in Beaconsfield isn't as expensive as elsewhere, and there are more commercial offerings than nearby areas. In Beaurepaire Village along Beaconsfield Boulevard you can discover smaller local stores; while along Saint Charles, you'll find the usual list of fast food and big grocery offerings. Some stretches of the town are a little isolated from the amenities, so having a car could help.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Centennial Park

A large waterfront park with huge open green spaces and some wooded areas. Down by the waterfront there are benches and great spots to watch the sunrise or the boats move across the river.

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Beaconsfield Lawn Bowling Club

The Lawn Bowling Club is certainly unique. There are a number of regular events throughout the year such as barbecues in the summer months and bridge games during the winter.

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Chucks Famous Pizza

One of the best pizza spots in the West Island. It's a little off the beaten path and the prices are high, but worth it. And yes, that is a sled in the yard.

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The Black Lion Pub

One of the more recent pubs to appear in the West Island and also one of the better ones. Boasting two balcony patios and decent prices, this place can get pretty busy.

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Le Bocage

Small local restaurant with a great atmosphere specializing in pasta and seafood. The service is excellent, and the owner is usually on the premises to recommend the right wines to go along with your meals.

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