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Willingdon Heights in North Burnaby is a bustling neighbourhood made up of a mix of old and new houses and apartments. The northern boundary of Willingdon Heights runs along Hastings Street and its eastern boundary is Willingdon Avenue. It’s bounded by Lougheed Highway from Willingdon, but then curves northwest along Douglas Street to Boundary. On the western side, Boundary Road separates Willingdon Heights from Vancouver.


Willingdon Heights is a well-established neighbourhood with a busy commercial strip along Hastings Street, a large transit hub and mall along Willingdon and new development along Lougheed Highway. Its proximity to transit and transportation corridors makes it a desirable place for development. Much of the core area is still dominated by single-family homes; however, many are being renovated and others are being replaced by new, larger modern homes.

The Vibe

Walking, cycling, tennis, playing on the swings or gardening at the community garden—Willingdon Heights residents keep busy all year round in what planners refer to as a “complete community.” This walkable neighbourhood has everything you could need for your daily needs: grocery stores, small boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, medical services, transit, parks, schools and recreational facilities.

Meet the Neighbours

Burnaby attracts a lot of new Canadians looking to settle in the Lower Mainland, and, according to 2011 Statistics Canada figures, more than half the population speaks a language other than English as their first language. The Chinese languages, Cantonese and Mandarin, are the most common followed by Korean and Tagalog.

In the Area

There is no limit to shopping options and recreational facilities in a Willingdon Heights and within a short walking distance. Brentwood Mall is located just east of Willingdon Heights on Willingdon Road. Just north of Hastings is Eileen Dailly Pool and fitness centre. Schools and parks are also scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

Distance from City Hall

7 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Willingdon Heights is a well-connected neighbourhood with quick access to Highway One out to the Fraser Valley and beyond, and Hastings Street leading it into Vancouver. The area is also well served by transit with buses connecting the neighbourhood to the surrounding community and a SkyTrain going into downtown as well as soon out to Coquitlam.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Willingdon Heights is an accessible, central neighbourhood but it can also be a thoroughfare for much of the traffic beelining to downtown in the morning. Hastings Street and Lougheed Highway, the north and south boundaries of the neighbourhood both have heavy rush hour traffic. But being on major thoroughfares also means that the rest of the Lower Mainland is accessible.

Dollars & Sense

Willingdon Heights was historically a middle-class neighbourhood with shops and services catering to a middle-class budget. And although the homes are no longer in the middle-class, affordable range, the neighbourhood is still a destination shopping area for all wallet sizes, including the large population that rents in the area. Brentwood Town Centre also has shops with affordable shopping.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

The Heights

Hastings Street has historically been a shopping street for Burnaby residents and the Heights still has an eclectic mix of older and newer shops, mom-and-pop shops, cafes and fast-food restaurants.

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Sea to River Bikeway

This bikeway stretches from Burrard Inlet on the south to the Fraser River on the north, cutting right through the Willingdon Heights neighbourhood. At its two ends, it links up with other trail networks.

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Willingdon Heights Park

This large neighbourhood park is located right in the heart of Willingdon Heights and includes greenspaces and a playground for children to play in, tennis courts, a wading pool and a recreation centre.

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West Sells Park

This medium-sized city park with its swings and slide and other playground equipment is especially attractive for families living in nearby apartments looking for some outdoor space for their kids to burn off some energy.

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Brentwood Town Centre

This mall is undergoing a transformation with part of it being developed into residential properties. The mall is still anchored by Sears and London Drugs and offers a wide variety of shops and services.

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