Hampstead is a small, suburban town close to the downtown core of Montreal. The town has some of the lowest population density in the city, and some of the highest income per capita. Avenue MacDonald acts as the town's East boundary, stretching between the train tracks by Cleve Road in the North down to Cote Saint-Luc road in the South which it follows to Pinedale.


Hampstead feels a bit like the Beverly Hills of Montreal thanks to the presence of mansions, SUVs, house keepers and other staples of wealthy suburbia. Walking through its streets, you might be tempted to forget that you're right in the middle one of the biggest cities of Canada. In that sense, Hampstead shares quite a bit with neighbouring Cote Saint-Luc in terms of the tranquil, suburban lifestyle and demographics.

The Vibe

Hampstead has a well-to-do upper class suburban vibe. The area is lush and full of green, with well-manicured lawns and gardens fronting gorgeous stone houses. The town is one of the most exclusive areas in the city, but also one of the more gorgeous and tranquil if you can get in.

Meet the Neighbours

Most of the inhabitants of Hampstead are upper-middle class or wealthier residents living in large single-family households. That means there will always be plenty of people at the country club to associate with and plenty of other children for your kids to meet at the parks and sports centres these groups frequent.

In the Area

Hampstead is a small town with very little commercial space and other attractions within its borders. Thankfully, the town is close to other neighbourhoods that have more amenities to offer. Cote Saint-Luc might be your destination of choice for evenings out and bringing the kids to the movies on the weekend.

Distance from City Hall

10 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

It's easy to get around by foot or car in the Hampstead neighbourhood. Having a car is also very useful in this neighbourhood, since you'll likely have to drive for groceries and other every day items. There are no metro stations inside the town, but luckily Snowdon station is within walking distance.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Hampstead is a rich suburb, and depending on who you are, you will either fall in love with the area or find it a little light on activities. There's a lot in the town for kids and families, but for teenagers and young adults, you'll likely be spending most of your time outside of its boundaries.

Dollars & Sense

Unfortunately, Hampstead has very little shopping within its boundaries. Residents will probably be relying on the Cavendish mall for most of their shopping needs. In this sense, you will need a car to hit the amenities. Also, since it's such an affluent area, most of the shopping will reflect this.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Pendelis Pizza

A longstanding neighbourhood pizzeria that's been a staple of the area for decades. Usual Italian fare, but great crust on the pizzas. Service can be a little slow compared to other places.

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Hampstead Park

The largest park in the area. It includes a massive green space and open sports field, a swimming pool and splashing pool for the kids, as well as swing sets and a small chalet.

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Parc des Conseillers

A small tranquil park hidden between some quiet. Not the most happening park in the area, but it's definitely one of the more meditative. Great spot to read a book in peace.

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Mamma Mia Pizzeria

A neighbourhood staple for quality Italian food. You can find delicious homemade pizza, but they also serve up some great salads and pasta dishes with plenty of garlic. Most meals are under $20.

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TCBY is great summer comfort food. This is one of the chain's few locations not found in a cinema, and it's a definite treat for those days when you need some cold, frozen yogurt.

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