Located on the northern part of l'Île Jésus, Auteuil is a tranquil, suburban neighbourhood in the city of Laval. It is bordered to the north by the Rivière des Mille Îles, and to the east by the Saint-François neighbourhood. To the south, you’ll find the Duvernay and Vimont neighbourhoods and to the west is Sainte-Rose.


If you’re looking for a very quiet, residential lifestyle, then look no further than Auteuil. You’ll find many small, quaint residential streets along with waterfront parks for some quiet time with nature. You’ll also find many businesses, restaurants and shops along Boulevard des Laurentides a main artery road running from north to south.

The Vibe

You definitely get a small town feel walking down the quiet, residential streets in Auteuil. It’s far removed from the big city, but not so far to say it’s in the country. Head to the eastern side of town and find large agricultural fields and a golf course. The northern part is particularly scenic, with picturesque views of the Rivière des Milles Îles and wooded areas.

Meet the Neighbours

Many families with children have settled in the area because of its suburban nature and friendly vibes. In fact, over half of all households in the area include children. Most people living in the area are working professionals and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The area is known to be more of a francophone area, but many people are bilingual too.

In the Area

The Auteuil area is very quiet and very residential. You’ll find many streets with charming houses, as well as agricultural areas further to the east. Boulevard de Laurentides, the main street, is home to many local shops, grocery stores and restaurants. There are also parks with walking paths along the picturesque waterfront.

Distance from Montreal City Hall

24.7 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There are no major highways crossing though Auteuil, but you wouldn’t have too much trouble getting to one. The main roads are Boulevard des Laurentides, which runs North-South and Avenue Papineau, which is an extension of Highway 19. There are local bus routes running through the area, as well as a few that will take you to other neighbourhoods in Laval.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Auteuil offers a peaceful, residential lifestyle close to nature. The quiet streets or the tranquil waterfront will be enough to convince you. However, while this is an advantage for some, the lack of entertainment and nightlife can deter some. The region is very removed from the city, so some may find it a little too quiet.

Dollars & Sense

Auteuil is known for its above average earning population – people that perhaps have a little bit of extra spending income. However, the area remains quite residential, and there isn’t that much in terms of entertainment or luxurious boutiques. There are a few restaurants, but they are well priced for the area.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Berge de la plage Jacques-Cartier

The Jacques Cartier beach offers a few short trails perfect for those end-of-day walks. Walk through wooded areas and find yourself along a beachy waterfront where you can fish or simply enjoy the view.

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Restaurant Jardins Indochine

Enjoy Vietnamese and other Asian-inspired dishes at this unassuming bring your own wine restaurant. Located on Boulevard des Laurentides, they cater to small families and large groups for any occasion.

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Give in to your sweet tooth temptations at Raffin. It will be hard to resist the small of those fresh, handmade chocolates and pastries. Macaroons, fresh bread and other specialty foods are also on offer.

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Gourmet Go

Groumet Go is a service offering pre-made, healthy meals for the whole family using fresh ingredients. Meals are classic French and Italian inspired. Order online or pick up on the way home.

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Boucher Double

Boucher Double offers a more refined dining option in Auteuil, with a focus on meat. Enjoy everything from surf ‘n’ turf to tartare to Foie gras and more! Don't forget your favourite bottle of wine.

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