Chomedey is one of the largest and busiest parts of Laval. It is bordered to the south by the Rivière-des-Prairies. On the west side, Highway 13 separates Chomedey from Sainte-Dorothée, while Highway 440 separates the area from Fabreville and Sainte-Rose to the north. To the east, Chomedy is bordered by Vimont, Pont-Viau and Laval-des-Rapides.


Chomedey is a shopping and dining destination for many residents of Laval, as well as a fair number of people from Montreal. While there are residential areas, most of the action happens along the main streets and in the shopping complexes, including the Centropolis and Carrefour Laval, which is where you’ll also find most of the areas dining and entertainment.

The Vibe

Chomedey is the most populated and metropolitan area in Laval. The vibe in the area is rather urban, even though there are many pockets of residential areas. Life in Chomedey revolves around the main streets, which is where you’ll find most of the area’s entertainment, like mini-putt, a movie theatre and more!

Meet the Neighbours

Along with being the most metropolitan, Chomedey is also the most populated and culturally diverse. The neighbourhood is also the most allophone area in Laval, no doubt because of its size – in fact, over half the population is bilingual. There is an especially large Greek community in the area.

In the Area

Due to its size and ever-growing population, Chomedey is a city within a city. It has all of the standard amenities and is also home to Laval’s city hall. The area is also a destination for shopping and entertainment because of its large malls and extravagant facilities like the skydiving complex and indoor surf wave.

Distance from Montreal City Hall

27.1 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Major highways, like Highway 440, which runs all through Laval, define the Chomedey area. On the east and west sides, Highway 13 and Highway 15 connect Chomedey with the Island of Montreal, and Highway 15 connects with the Laurentians to the north. There is also a vast transit system that runs through the area.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

If you’re looking for a metropolitan area outside of Montreal, then Chomedey may be the place for you. There is plenty in terms of dining and entertainment, as well as everyday shopping and drugstores. Although there are plenty of options for getting around, because of the area's attractions and the growing population, you’re likely to get caught in a few traffic jams along the main roads.

Dollars & Sense

Along the main streets you will find many small restaurants and dining halls varying in style and price range. Head over to the Centropolis to find an array of popular restaurants and fine dining options. For the ultimate shopping experience, head up the street to Carrefour Laval, where you’ll find some pretty high-end boutiques.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Bois Chomedey

Bois Chomedey is a wooded area in the southern part of Chomedey. Its enchanting area is perfect for birdwatching as it serves as a sanctuary for many of the species in the area.

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Carrefour Laval

Carrefour Laval is the third largest shopping mall in Quebec and a shopping destination for the residents of Laval and for Montrealers alike. It's home to many upscale fashion boutiques and Quebec classics like Simons.

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Centropolis Laval

Centropolis is home to many of Chomedey's finest dining options. You'll find popular Montreal restaurants like Les Enfants Terribles and La Belle et La Boeuf, as well as shopping and entertainment such as Putting Edge.

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Maeva Surf

Located within the Centropolis, Maeva Surf is an indoor surfing centre with an artificial wave. Grab a few friends and book a lesson together - you'll be beach-ready in no time.

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Ever wonder what it's like to skydive, but don't have the guts to jump off a plane? You can now defy gravity and live the dream at SkyVenture, Canada's first free-fall simulator.

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