There is no lack of space in Saint-François, a large neighbourhood located at the northeastern tip of Laval and Île Jésus. The spacious area is bordered to the north by the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, and by Rivière-des-Prairies and Duervnay to the south. Highway 335 then separates Saint-François from Auteuil to the west.


Life in Saint-François seems to move at a different pace. Although it’s close to the centre of Laval and to Montreal, this area consists of mostly cornfields and farms, with a few residential streets scattered in between as well as along the waterfront, where you’ll often find cyclists riding through, taking in the scenery.

The Vibe

The vibe is Saint-François is very residential, and quite relaxing. Around every street corner you’ll likely find citizens casually working in the yard, or fixing their motorcycles while kids play in the parks, rinks and skateparks available to residents. The neighbourhood has many cornfields and farms, and lots of open space.

Meet the Neighbours

In terms of demographics, Saint-François consists mostly of families with one child or more. Most residents also come from the province of Quebec, with a few immigrants starting to settle in the neighbourhood. Saint-François is known to be more of a francophone neighbourhood, but with the influx of new residents, we hear more and more languages being spoken.

In the Area

Aside from a few grocery stores, small restaurants, and other basic necessities for residents, Saint-François is quite residential. You’ll also find many fields full of corn, and other farms, as well as parks along the waterfront, where you can hear the sound of the rivers flowing. Because of all the agriculture, there are many places where you can find fresh fruit and veggies for sale.

Distance from Montreal City Hall

26.2 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Highway 440, which runs through Laval, connects to Highway 25 in Saint-François, allowing easy access to both downtown Laval and the Island of Montreal. There are no trains running to the city, but the STL (Société de Transport de Laval) has many local bus routes running through the area. You'll notice many cars in most of the driveways around town.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood that’s not too expensive, with a little bit of peace and quiet, then Saint-François is the place for you. The abundance of parks, schools and daycare centres make it an excellent place to settle down with a family. Some find it to be a little too quiet, without any nightlife, fine dining or entertainment.

Dollars & Sense

There are mainly bungalows and other single-family homes that won’t cost you a fortune. The restaurants in the area are câsse-croute type joints, and tend to be on the cheap side. For shopping, fine dining and other entertainment, residents tend to leave the area, and head to busier sectors in both Laval and Montreal.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Chapelle Saint-Mathieu – Théâtre du bout de l’Île

The theatre is located inside a beautiful chapel and is dedicated to music, theatre and dance. During the summer, the space offers summer camps for kids interested in the arts called Théâtre du p'tit loup.

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Marina Bo-bi-no

Marina Bo-bi-no is a family business that offers only the finest in new and used powerboats, boating equipment and other recreational vehicles. Located on the waterfront, you cans test drive your new boat!

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Golf St-François

Located only 20 minutes from Montreal, Golf St-François is a terrific escape from the city. Enjoy the calming countryside and the view of beautiful mature trees while you enjoy a round on the stunning course.

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Place St-François Restaurant

Located on Montée du Moulin, Place St-François offers the best of casual local dining, and they serve some of the best poutine in town. Pizzas, shrimp and submarine sandwiches are also on offer.

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Berge Olivier Charbonneau

Berge Olivier Charbonneau is a small park located on the tip of Île Jésus and offers great views of the river. The park also features a playground, water fountain and benches.

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