Sainte-Dorothée is a newer section of the city of Laval, and located near Ville Saint-Laurent. It is bordered on the east side by Highway 13, and by Highway 440 and Avenue des bois. To the south you’ll find the Rivière des Prairies and to the west, Rue Principale borders the area.


Life in Sainte-Dorothée is suburban, but always fresh as it’s an area in constant development. New homes, new condos and new shopping centres are being built around almost every corner. Given its proximity to the industrial areas of Ville Saint-Laurent and Pierrefonds, it was only a matter of time before this neighbourhood began to blossom.

The Vibe

Saint-Dorothée has a few mixed vibes. Since the area is still undergoing major developments, you have a mix of new homes and condos, large developed areas with malls, boutiques and restaurants, as well as older areas such as “Vieux Sainte-Dorothée,” with quieter and more remote streets and a few farms.

Meet the Neighbours

Because of the varying vibes of the neighbourhood, Sainte-Dorothée is attractive to many different demographics. You’ll see many families with children and professionals working in the Ville Saint-Laurent or Laval areas. You will also see older couples settled into the area, as there are quite a few residences for seniors.

In the Area

While Sainte-Dorothée is fairly residential, there are two major shopping complexes just off Highway 13, complete with fashion boutiques, outlet stores, restaurants and more. Throughout the neighbourhood you will also find many more strip stores off the main streets, with restaurants, boutiques and daycares. Vieux Sainte-Dorothée offers a quainter lifestyle, with restaurants in beautiful restored homes and small shops along the main strip.

Distance from Montreal City Hall

28.1 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Sainte-Dorothée is located right off Highway 13, which is a major highway on and off the Island of Montreal. Highway 440, which runs through Laval, is also easily accessible. The AMT has a train stop right in Sainte-Dorothée on the Deux-Montagnes line which heads right to downtown Montreal, and the STL has buses running in and out of the neighbourhood.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

While Sainte-Dorothée is a suburban neighbourhood, its proximity to major highways, cities and industrial areas make it particularly appealing for those commuting for work. It’s abundant in new developments with no signs of stopping, for those who prefer newer construction homes. There is also an older part of town, with more remote streets for those looking for a relaxed way of life.

Dollars & Sense

While the cost of a home in Sainte-Dorothée is above average in the Montreal area, it’s not a particularly expensive neighbourhood. The two major shopping areas offer competitive prices, and you can find great deals at many of the outlet stores. Dining in the area is reasonable, for a fancy feast, people may choose to head to Montreal or downtown Laval.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Le Mitoyen

Located in a charming country house, Le Mitoyen serves locally sourced French cuisine with fine wines right in the centre of Vieux Sainte-Dorothée. It’s easily one of Laval’s best restaurants, and a destination for Montrealers.

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Créations Vézina

Créations Vézina is a destination for wedding gowns for many brides in Montreal. They offer dresses for most budgets, as well as an haute couture line. The boutique prides itself on its customer service.

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Pizzeria Sainte-Dorothée

Located near the water, Pizzeria Sainte-Dorothée offers up the best pizza in the area. The pizza is cooked in an old fashioned oven with generous toppings. Enjoy on the terrace or have them deliver!

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Café Bistrot l'Antre-nous

An old fashioned crêpe restaurant located right in the heart of Vieux Sainte-Dorothée. Whether you like your crêpes sweet or savoury, L’Antre-nous will not disappoint. Bristo menu with tartare offered. Bring-your-own-wine.

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Crêmerie Champêtre

La Crêmerie Champêtre offers the best in homemade ice cream and frozen desserts from its small blue house location on Rue Principale in Vieux Sainte-Dorothée. They also offer boxes of chocolates.

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Sin Taverne

Sin is an urban style tavern located just off Highway 13 offering a hip and tasty menu, as well as fun events like ladies’ night on their large terrace. Food, wine, fun – what more could you ask for on a Friday night?

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