Vimont is a neighbourhood located in the centre of Laval on Île Jésus. The area is bordered to the west by Duvernay and to the south by Pont Viau. To the north, you will see Auteuil and Sainte-Rose that also wraps around to the northeast. On the south east side, Vimont is bordered by Chomedey.


Vimont is a true suburban neighbourhood in the heart of Laval. While it is a suburban neighbourhood, it has all of its own amenities, truly making it a city within a larger city – residents have everything they need close by including restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, and even a hospital.

The Vibe

The vibe in Vimont is casual and suburban, with hints of a busy city, especially if you're hanging around the main boulevards. Residents benefit from the close-knit neighbourhood suburban vibes as well as from having all necessary amenities, entertainment and an industrial street very close by – it’s a city within the city.

Meet the Neighbours

The Vimont area of Laval is home to many families – in fact, nearly half of all households include children, with more young families settling into the area every day. The majority of residents are French-speaking, but we are seeing more and more Anglophones, allophones and immigrants settling in the area.

In the Area

Although Vimont is a fairly suburban neighbourhood, it has everything you need so that you never really have to leave (good or bad, we’ll leave it to you). You’ll find everything from supermarkets to neighbourhood bars to restaurants, to parks, and a hospital, as well as a few home-based businesses. The area also has a home for active seniors and an Alzheimer’s centre.

Distance from Montreal City Hall

21.1 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Vimont is located at the intersection of Highway 440, which runs through Laval, and Highway 19, a north-south highway that connects with Montreal and the ,ainland. There are STL buses running through the area. The AMT also has a commuter train line running through Laval, heading right into Montreal with a stop in Vimont.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Life is Vimont, while it may feel suburban at times, is always full of life, especially on the main streets. There are bakeries, casual eateries, neighbourhood bars and a few shoe stores (who doesn’t love those?) to keep residents plenty entertained. There is also an active seniors community and a hospital providing jobs and healthcare.

Dollars & Sense

There are many middle-class families living in Vimont and the lifestyle in the area is reflected accordingly. There are a few trendier dining options as there are the classic casse-croûtes. There are a few places to shop, although the retail is not haute couture. Housing is slightly more expensive compared to the average in Laval.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Au Blanc d'Oeuf

Located on Boulevard René-Laennec, Au Blanc d'Oeuf offers Vimont residents delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch - it's a great way to start your day! Eggs, bacon, waffles and crêpes - you just can't get enough.

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Pâtisserie St-Martin

Inside Pâtisserie St-Martin is a world of delicious temptation. Between the cakes, the pastries, the cheese and the other delicacies, it'll be difficult not to walk out with something to fill your belly.

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Boulangerie Pâtisserie Vimont

The Boulangerie Pâtisserie Vimont sells baked goods and pastries, as well as different types of breads, sandwiches, pizzas, and other delicacies. This great bakery also does catering for special events.

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La Perle Vietnamienne

La Perle Vietnamienne is located in a strip mall on the busy Boulevard des Laurentides. They serve only the best in Vietnamese cuisine - try the general Tao. Dont' forget to bring your own wine.

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Parc de Lausanne

Parc de Lausanne is the largest park in Vimont. It offers residents and kids in the area playgrounds, a skatepark, a baseball diamond, soccer fields, a canine park and paths to walk in the woods.

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