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Buena Vista can be found under a beautiful canopy of trees on Saskatoon’s east side, between 8 Street and Taylor. Its western boundary lies along the river and its eastern is Broadway Avenue. Already established when Saskatoon incorporated in 1906, this neighbourhood has a rich history and beautiful character homes that were constructed between 1910 and 1960, bringing a charming feel to the area.


The eclectic vibe of Broadway Avenue radiates throughout Buena Vista. This can be found in both the wide demographic of residents as well as in the neighbourhood itself. The narrow streets and smaller homes create a feeling of community. Buena Vista is suited equally well for those who enjoy Broadway’s cozy and hip feel as it is for the nature-lovers who prefer to relax riverside in Gabriel Dumont Park.

The Vibe

All Saskatoon residents know that Broadway Avenue is the city’s cultural backbone. The artistic and cultural vibe of this street, combined with the beautiful natural feeling of the South Saskatchewan River, creates an atmosphere unique to Buena Vista. The character homes in the neighbourhood are a reflection of the creative atmosphere that surrounds the community.

Meet the Neighbours

It’s hard to pinpoint a demographic for this unique and varied neighbourhood. Many older residents have owned homes here for years and enjoy the quiet parks and cafés, while the younger crowd enjoys the wide variety of retail stores, restaurants, and pubs located nearby on Broadway. It is a diverse community with amenities to suit any demographic.

In the Area

Having reached its 100th birthday in 2010, Buena Vista is one of Saskatoon’s oldest communities and one of the most beautiful. The area also features two well maintained parks: Buena Vista Park in the centre of the neighbourhood, and Gabriel Dumont Park stretching along the river. Tastebuds Cafe is a delicious home style café with a nice patio that is great for lunch on summer afternoons.

Distance from City Hall

3.1 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Walking to a delicious place to eat won’t take longer than 10 minutes along the pleasant tree-covered sidewalks. Bus lines run along Broadway and 8 Street and can take you to the university or downtown in minutes. While parking is a little tight, driving is often the best way to get around Saskatoon. And with Buena Vista’s central location, a 15-minute drive will get you anywhere in the city.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

The neighbourhood’s cute narrow streets, while charming, sometimes make driving and parking somewhat difficult. But the trade-off is certainly worth it in the eyes of area residents. Buena Vista’s quaint aesthetic and convenient location are two of its strongest assets. The proximity to Broadway, 8 Street, and the city centre make it a perfect place for those interested in some of the most diverse and hip commercial areas in Saskatoon.

Dollars & Sense

Homes in Buena Vista are slightly more expensive for their size due to the neighbourhood’s central location. Being on the riverside is certainly a desirable aspect of Buena Vista, and that contributes to the prices of these slightly more expensive homes. Broadway Avenue offers a wide variety of shopping and dining at all price ranges, and the neighbourhood’s café, Tastebuds Cafe, offers very good value with delicious snacks and desserts.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Buena Vista Park

This park is located at the centre of Buena Vista. Featuring a large playground with a paddling pool, there’s plenty of nice grassy space for picnics under the shade of the trees.

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Gabriel Dumont Park

One of Saskatoon’s most beloved summer hotspots, Gabriel Dumont Park is located along the river and offers fantastic views. The park has sandy beaches for sun tanning and winding paths for jogging.

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Fred Mitchell Memorial Garden

A scenic backdrop for countless wedding photographs, this beautiful garden and fountain are sure to be one of your favourite places to relax and read a book or to spend some time with friends.

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Tastebuds Cafe

This little café is the perfect place for a weekend lunch or an ice cream cone on a hot day. The outdoor patio is a great spot to spend your summer afternoons.

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This locally owned restaurant has been a favourite in Saskatoon for over two decades. Specializing in Greek food and pizza, this place will give you great bang for your buck.

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Taste of Excellence

This fantastic Chinese restaurant is a great choice for dining in or taking out. With a huge menu of delicious options, there is bound to be something to satisfy your palate.

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