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Clanton Park is the larger neighbourhood encompassing the Downsview Airport and Downsview Park. Starting at Keele Street to the west, the border moves up north to Sheppard Avenue west as it maneuvers around Downsview Park. Carry on to Bathurst street to the east, and follow it down to Highway 401 for the southern border, which careens back up to Wilson Heights at Dufferin Road.


Clanton Park was once a part of the Jewish community's northern migration from city centre. There are many synagogues, including Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, whose congregations mingle amiably despite their differing traditions. Kosher options can be found even in large chain restaurants, and local bakers specialize in Montreal-, New York- or Toronto-style bagels. Filipino restaurants and specialty food-shops delight the entire community, not just the Filipino population.

The Vibe

For a community that is encircled by major roadways, Clanton Park has quite a walking community. While large roads border the area, quiet residential streets allow children to walk to school and adults to walk to work or worship. Industrial parks and strip-malls contain the area and local foot traffic. People are very familiar with their local restaurants, and each ethnic group appreciates the other's contributions to the ever-changing community.

Meet the Neighbours

The Filipino community has overtaken the Jewish community as the largest ethnicity in Clanton Park, although since many are recent immigrants to Canada, they occupy more modest housing. Tagalog is commonly heard on the street, as it is the mother tongue for nearly half of the residents. Italian- and Polish-Canadians appear in lesser numbers, but have been part of the community for a long time.

In the Area

There are many cultural centres, places of learning and worship for all branches of Judaism. Catholic schools that originally served the Italian community are meeting the needs of the Filipino community as well. Downsview Park is a great draw for day-trippers, as is Downsview Airport. There are three large grocers within or near the area and a large kosher grocer just to the south on Bathurst.

Distance from City Hall

15 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There are two subway stops in Clanton Park: Downsview Station at the northeast corner and Wilson Station at the southeast corner, both on the Yonge-University line. Wilson Avenue links to the Allen Expressway, which offers quick access to Highway 401. Buses run along Dufferin, Wilson Avenue, Keele Street, Bathurst, Sheppard Avenue West and Faywood Boulevard.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

The noise of the traffic, car fumes, and limited parking on crumbling pavement can make driving feel a little harried. Many of the buildings in the strip-malls that line the perimeter are similarly run-down. Residents, however, are incredibly loyal to local businesses. Families that have lived in Clanton Park for generations enjoy their well-established community, but happily welcome the shifting demographic as a joyful cultural exchange.

Dollars & Sense

Despite the lovely green residential streets, the strip-malls are looking a bit shabby as they age. Some of the smaller local shops have an inexpensive look that is happily free of pretension but bordering on garish, adorned with flashing electric signs. Fancy lattes are as available in Clanton Park as they are citywide, but the real local favourites are the mom'n'pop shops.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Pancer's Original Deli

Moe Pancer and his son Stan opened this European deli in 1957. When the Pancers sold the business in 2010, the community rallied until they came out of retirement and back to the kitchen.

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Darchei Noam

This Reconstructivist congregation at this popular synagogue embodies the spirit of inclusion and warmth so typical of the entire Jewish community in Clanton Park. Rabbi Tina Grimberg connects tradition and innovation.

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Scotiabank Pond

Looking more like a modern museum than a hockey rink, the Scotiabank Pond building is lined with windows to allow for natural light all year long. It has four NHL-size ice rinks.

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Steve's Restaurant

The best comfort food, the quality and big portions keep clients coming back. That, and childhood memories for those who grew up in the neighbourhood where Steve's was established over 70 years ago.

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Jolly Tops Filipino Cuisine

Sandwiched in between a Phillipino barbeque joint and a Phillipino bakery/specialty food shop, this fast-food restaurant offers the most popular items in Phillipino cuisine. A far cry from health-food, JollyTops is cheap and tasty.

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Downsview Park

Home to the Downsview Airport, Grand Prix Kartways, the Canadian Air and Space Museum, PEAC School for Elite Athletes, and The Hangar Sports Leagues among others, Downsview Park also host an aircraft manufacturing plant.

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