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Forest Hill stretches from Eglinton West in the north to Lonsdale in the south, and Bathurst in the west to the Oriole Parkway, along Chaplin Crescent and up Avenue Road in the east. This quiet, affluent neighbourhood in Toronto is kid-friendly, with prestigious schools and the charming shopping strip of Forest Hill Village.


Forest Hill is a quiet residential neighbourhood filled mostly with large detached houses. Most of the shopping and other action takes place in Forest Hill Village (at Spadina and Lonsdale), or on Eglinton West. Many of the shops in Forest Hill are high-end boutiques that cater to the area’s affluent population. The parks and excellent schools make the area attractive to families.

The Vibe

Forest Hill is a quiet, kid-friendly, and high-end neighbourhood. The schools in the area include some of the most prestigious in the city, and there are some lovely parks as well as access to the Beltline trail and Cedarvale Ravine. The small shopping hub of Forest Hill Village has the atmosphere of a small town rather than a big city.

Meet the Neighbours

Forest Hill is a neighbourhood of mixed ages and stages. There are lots of couples, both with and without children, as well as retirees whose children have left home. There is a fairly strong Jewish presence in the area. This is also an affluent area, with 42% of residents taking home an income of over $80,000 after tax.

In the Area

Forest Hill is a family-friendly area, and it contains several schools including the prestigious Bishop Straughan School for girls and Upper Canada College for boys. The Beltline trail, a lovely walking and cycling trail, cuts across one corner of the neighbourhood, and there are plenty of parks and green spaces. The Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre is in Forest Hill Village.

Distance from City Hall

6.8 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There are some bus routes that run through and around Forest Hill, including the 24-hour Bathurst route, but most residents use a car rather than transit. Parking is allowed on side streets as well as on some of the larger streets. The Allen Expressway is a short drive west along Eglinton.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Forest Hill is a safe and quiet neighbourhood with some great, kid-friendly parks. The houses are beautiful and it’s a wonderful area to go for a stroll. It’s also a very expensive area, and although there’s some great shopping in Forest Hill Village and along Eglinton, there’s not a huge variety of stores.

Dollars & Sense

This is an affluent area, a fact that is reflected in the prices of everything from a house to a cup of coffee. Rental apartments also tend to be expensive, although along the borders of the neighbourhood these prices may come down a little. Shops and restaurants are generally high-quality but pricey.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

The Mad Bean

The coffee is great - fresh, fair-trade, organic, and tasty - but there’s more to The Mad Bean like art, live music, books, and free wireless, this coffee shop is a neighbourhood favourite.

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Suydam Park

With a large playground, benches, and plenty of green space, Suydam Park is a favourite with local residents. The park is also connected to the Cedarvale Ravine trail network which runs northwest, almost to Eglinton.

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Track Fitness

This upscale fitness club offers personal training and group classes for adults and teens. Large windows let in plenty of light, and there is a cafe on the ground floor for post-workout snacks.

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Type Books

This independent community bookstore is a fixture in Forest Hill Village. With a wide variety of lovingly displayed books, this is a wonderful place to browse. Staff are friendly and eager to help.

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The Village Chill

The Village Chill has excellent ice cream, including some flavours from Greg’s. They make frozen yogurt to order with the fruit of your choice. Seating is limited and the shop closes for the winter.

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