Killarney/Glengarry is located in the SW quadrant of Calgary. The area was named after Glengarry County, Ontario settlers that made this area their home. This is an older neighbourhood with a great mix of older bungalows and newer infills. It is considered a vibrant inner city neighbourhood and is only minutes away from bustling 17th Ave SW.


Killarney is a lively family-oriented community located just on the outskirts of downtown Calgary. The lifestyle in Killarney is very active, thanks to the Killarney Aquatic and Recreation Centre that acts as a flagship for the entire neighbourhood. Killarney originally started developing in 1910 however there wasn’t much building going on before World War II.

The Vibe

Killarney’s residents bring a certain vibrant energy to the area. Not only are folks from Killarney very involved with their community in terms of the community garden, the aquatic and recreation centre as well as the shops and restaurants in the area. This area has been going through a bit of change with the building of infill homes since 2002.

Meet the Neighbours

Killarney is a family-oriented neighbourhood with the close access to many schools, recreational opportunities, the LRT station and more. It is a great neighbourhood for young families thanks to these amenities. According to the 2006 City of Calgary Municipal Census, 19.1% of Killarney residents were immigrants. The median household income in 2005 was $53,799 and 19.5% of residents were considered low income.

In the Area

Killarney has two schools in the neighbourhood – Holy Name Elementary School and Killarney Elementary School. Killarney is also serviced by these other schools in the area: A.E. Cross Junior High School, Vincent Massey Junior High School, Ernest Manning High School and the Salvation Army Children’s Village School. As mentioned before, Killarney is known for the expansive Killarney Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

Distance from City Hall

7 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Killarney is a fantastic neighbourhood for public transportation users especially thanks to the West LRT expansion. It is very close to the Westbrook Mall LRT Station which is located just north of 17th Avenue SW. There is also about six different Calgary Transit routes that access this neighbourhood. This is also a neighbourhood easily accessed by car or bicycle.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

Killarney is a great neighbourhood for a young, growing family who likes to live an active lifestyle. This a dense, busy area that is consistently undergoing change and development which some potential residents may be adverse to but long term these changes are going to benefit all residents and make the community better off.

Dollars & Sense

Killarney’s rent is about average to above average. Since it is so close to downtown and the easily accessible LRT station it is an in-demand neighbourhood for people who want to live close to the bustling downtown core. Killarney is a $2 coffee and $4 latte kind of area – it has the best of both worlds.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Beat It Music

The ultimate shop for drummers, Beat It Music has a fantastic selection of vintage percussion equipment. No matter what kind of music you play, this drum shop is a great place.

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Bros Dough Pizza

Every good neighbourhood needs a decent pizza joint for late night cravings and a quick lunch. Bros Dough is more than decent – it is delicious! Their housemade dough is a family recipe.

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Heritage Bakery & Deli

You can’t get more authentic than Heritage Bakery & Deli. This popular joint specializes in European homestyle cooking meaning you can drop in to pick up delicious potato pancakes, crepes, and more.

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Coffee Cats Café

This independent coffee shop is a favourite spot for Killarney residents. Not only do they carry a beautiful selection of premium coffee, they also have a fully stocked menu featuring soup and sandwiches.

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Phoenix Comics

Comic book enthusiasts cannot get enough of Phoenix Comics. This shop comes fully loaded with some amazing comics, graphic novels and other great subcultural goodies. This place is a mainstay in Calgary!

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Cassis Bistro

This delicious French bistro has a menu chockfull of dishes inspired by the South of France. Bringing a European flare to the neighbourhood, Cassis neighbours Markeet 17 next door and J.Webb Wines creates their delicious wine list.

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