Amenities knit the fabric of communities

By Pepper Rodriguez
April 29, 2021

Communities are all about connection – a connection to nature, a connection between neighbours, a connection to the world around it. Developers have taken pains to knit this kind of relationship between homebuyers and the communities they design and bringing in more and better amenities is one way of connecting life to the community lifestyle.

New communities in and around Edmonton boast some of the most positive, life-affirming amenities that make a modern lifestyle possible, allowing plenty of opportunities for a work-home balance. For many, it’s not just the building of parks and pathways, but adding a design component that differentiates it from other communities. Edmonton New Home + Condo Guide spoke with a few local developers to see what new amenities they have for a complete, contemporary lifestyle.

Master-planned for life

The dynamic community of Village at Griesbach balances the need to honour history while providing its residents the needs of today, and it does so with its engaging master-planned design.

This Canada Lands Company (CLC) endeavour to turn this former Canadian Forces base in the heart of Edmonton into a progressive community for the future is going exactly as planned. Residents are making full use of the several recreational amenities provided in the Village at Griesbach, laying the groundwork for the strong bonds of community.

“Griesbach has very engaged residents, we see many examples through social media, the community league, or simply walking through the neighbourhood,” says Georgette L’Hirondelle, CLC Marketing Manager, Real Estate. “The amenities are used year-round for recreation, entertainment, gathering with friends, and relaxing. It is rare today to see such community engagement, especially in new communities.”

The Village has dedicated over 23 percent of its land to the preservation or creation of parks, lakes, green spaces, recreation fields or lifestyle amenities, L’Hirondelle, says. “This represents the highest allocation in Edmonton and is far above the normal 10 percent allocation in most developments. Continued land investment in the community is the key to success and long-term enjoyment found within the active resident’s group,”

Central Hill Park with its scenic views of the Edmonton skyline, and the community gardens are some of the highest valued amenities in the community. “The fact that the community gardens are fully in bloom each summer with a waitlist is a testament to the thoughtful community design,” she adds.

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Family-friendly communities

Qualico Communities has some 20 community currently under various stages of development in and around the Edmonton area, so it is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to providing the amenities their residents need.
Their communities of SummerWood in Sherwood Park, and The Uplands at Riverview in west Edmonton are good examples of Qualico Communities’ expertise in designing communities that bring people together.

New amenities are being added to SummerWood’s already impressive array, says Qualico Communities’ marketing coordinator, Emily Stamper. The first park will offer a community garden for residents to put their green thumbs to use, and the second park will house a basketball court as well as two open skating rinks for hockey and free skating for kids of all ages. “All residents will greatly benefit from these new additions, which allow people to get out and active,” she says.

The Summerton Spray Deck splash park has also been an invaluable new addition to the community that adds to its family-friendly allure. SummerWood is already blessed with a location bordering the lush Sunfield Park. “There are plenty of trails and creekside walkways for residents to enjoy. SummerWood offers residents many recreational opportunities right in their backyard,” Stamper says.

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Natural beauty

The Uplands at Riverview is another young community from Qualico Communities. It is in an amenity-rich location in West Edmonton that features a unique connection to its natural surroundings. “The community borders the Wedgewood Creek Ravine which has half a kilometer of trails for residents to enjoy. In total, The Uplands boasts 3.6 kilometers of multi-use trails,” Stamper says.

Qualico has further enhanced the land’s natural beauty by placing a number of essential family-fun amenities, including an inclusive, nature-themed playground. “The playground is accessible for children and adults of all ages and abilities, providing recreation opportunities for all,” Stamper says. Another new playground is coming up in the next Phase that will have two distinct areas for younger and older children.

Additionally, Qualico has worked hard to safeguard The Uplands’ delicate connection to nature and has put in place measures that protect crucial natural habitats. These include an amphibian fence, a pollinator corridor and an animal crossing.

“The amphibian fence was the first in Edmonton, it ensures that frogs etc. do not jump out from the pond onto the road,” Stamper says. “The pollinator corridor has thousands of shrubs that attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds. Finally, the animal crossing was specifically designed for all species to safely cross under the busy 199 Street.”

Overall, The Uplands at Riverview brings urban life and nature together, providing residents with many options to explore.

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Award-winning designs

Rohit Land Development’s community design hinges one thing: would they themselves want to live there. And that approach has worked, as the land developer arm of the Rohit Group of Communities won back-to-back CHBA-Edmonton Region best community awards.
Its Woodhaven Edgemont community won both awards, but Kelsey Siemens, Senior Marketing Coordinator for Rohit Land Development, says the company’s focus on a lifestyle design is what has made all their communities so successful.

“We include the amenities like walking trails and playgrounds when the communities are in their infancy, which allows the first residents to already experience the joys of the community and makes living in a construction zone for the first few years more manageable with these little escapes.”

It isn’t all fun and games either, as Rohit makes sure to include commercial developments as part of the design for a balanced lifestyle. “Including neighbourhood commercial centres is also important as it helps to make everyday life a little easier.”

For example, Rohit opened the playground in Arbours of Keswick last year, and the 7-acre pond and natural area with walking trails the year before. “This year, Arbours of Keswick will open a neighbourhood commercial centre that will have of restaurants, a gas station, nail salon, daycare, pharmacy, and more.”

It will also get a new church this spring and next year, a K-9 public school in the community will open to residents in the Keswick area.

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