Are you a #HomeBeliever?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re at a dinner party and someone mentions how they are planning to move outside your community because they are priced out of the GTA. Or maybe the story is closer to home: You are a first-time homebuyer, frustrated by the lack of housing you can afford in your neighbourhood or region of choice. That dream of home ownership, which was reasonably attainable for generations past, is now slipping through our fingers.

We get it. That’s why we’re calling on home believers across the province.

What is a #HomeBeliever? It’s the Millennial who has been working hard and saving to put a deposit down on a home that is close to work or transit. It’s the senior who is looking forward to retirement, but caught in a financial dilemma between expensive accommodations near their children or settling for a less expensive option many miles away from their core community. A #HomeBeliever is a neighbour who will not give up on the dream of home ownership because he or she understands the life-long value of living, working and playing in a community of choice.

For home believers like these across the province, the Ontario Home Builders’ Association encourages you to let your government know how strong your belief in home ownership is. When financial security and the opportunity to have a home to call your own in an area that fits with your lifestyle are at stake, home ownership is too important a dream not to pursue.

As we approach the Ontario provincial election on June 7, 2018, OHBA has been and continues to advocate on behalf of home believers for more choice and housing supply. A few months ago, on social media and, OHBA told the government that Ontario needed #MoreHomesNotPolitics, by showing facts and local examples across the province of what happened when politics got in the way of housing, and explaining the consequences that Ontarians face in a housing shortage.

How can you get involved now? Join home believers across the province by participating in the #HomeBeliever social media conversation and declaring what matters the most to you in finding your dream home at Help the conversation by adding your voice and express why home ownership matters to you.

Whether lowrise, highrise, midrise or innovative laneway housing, in communities east, west, south, north or central in Ontario, it’s time to show all levels of government that we believe in the great Canadian dream and that we are home believers.


Q and A with Joe Vaccaro, CEO of the OHBA

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