Design talk with Kirsten Korhani of Korhani Home

By Sara Duck
May 21, 2014
You’ve married into the Korhani family company. What is it like working with your husband?Some people may find it challenging to be around each other that much, but for us it just works. We are always brainstorming together, and constantly pushing each other creatively. Some of our best ideas have come from a drive to the cottage for the weekend, or over a glass of wine and a movie.What role does design play in your life?Design plays a huge role in my life. I’m always looking for inspiration for our next collection, which can come from anywhere — through my travels, movies, the latest fashion trends and magazines.
Kirsten Korhani of Korhani Home talks design
How important is a rugs role to the design of the room?An area rug anchors and finishes a room. I tend to think of area rugs as the fashionista of floors. They really pull together your living space and complete the look and feel. It’s a statement piece that gives you an opportunity to have more fun with patterns and colour. Couches and larger pieces in a room tend to be more neutral so don’t be afraid to put something more colourful under your feet.What trends are big for 2014?For 2014, expect to see a lot of colour, colour, and more colour. The trend is to move away from the beiges and browns, and go for cooler and deeper tones like greys. You are going to find that area rugs are going to be the new art. So, expect to start mixing and matching with bold colours and prints.What does it mean to you to be able to produce affordable rugs?It’s extremely important for us to provide our customers with accessible price points. We strive to give our customers the freedom to be able to update their living space without feeling like they are breaking the bank. We actually just recently expanded into home accessories such as cushions, throw blankets, picture frames, candles and accent pieces. We want to make it possible for you to change out your rugs and home accessories seasonally, the same way you would with your wardrobe. The one way to do that is to ensure that our products are affordable, fashionable and, of course, high quality.If you could describe your home’s style, what would they be?Eclectic, ultra-modern, mixed with antiques.

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