Don't pass up a walk-through of your new home

Amidst all the excitement of purchasing a new condo/townhouse and the anticipation of waiting for your move-in date, an often overlooked, but extremely important item to remember is the walk-through before officially taking possession of your new home.

It’s easy to understand how the walk-through can seem like a formality to check off your to-do list, with the moving date pending and so much to consider, however, this is your opportunity to make sure everything is up to standards and you understand how to operate your new home.

Speaking with GVHBA member, Glenn Duxbury, of Duxbury and Associates, his advice is straightforward: “Don’t go through it alone. You need to learn how to properly maintain your new home in order to prevent wear and tear issues and potentially void any existing warranties.”

In many cases, new owners are first-time buyers and may not be totally comfortable with what to actually look for, so there is no better option than to bring a professional home inspector along for the ride.

Glenn notes, “Inspectors know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when doing a walk-through, so you can rest easy knowing all the bases are covered during this important process.”

If you are dealing directly with the developer, you should expect to receive a manual, although Glenn recommends making time to be shown the entire structure, from the exterior of the roof, down to the foundations, and operating systems, too.

Suggestions to note include:

  • How the different systems work in home (mechanical, heating, electrical, etc.)
  • How and when to change an HVAC filter
  • Defects and deficiencies you may easily otherwise bypass (think crawl spaces, rooftops, etc., where you may not think to look)
  • Tips on how best to arrange furniture to avoid blocking off air supply or cold-air return
  • How to adjust hinges on the cupboard doors (as they will shift over time)
  • When to change smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Generating a list of what works and what doesn’t/parts unfinished
  • Marks on the wall or paint touch-ups (new homes)

When purchasing a new home, it is important to understand how the warranty coverage works. For more information on new-home warranties and providers go to

Glenn will be speaking at the GVHBA’s annual Home Buyer Forum on March 6, 2019. Check out details at For other home tips, check out Featuring more than 1,100+ building professionals, the GVHBA is a great homeowner resource for people looking to build, buy or renovate.


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