Faith and Allen discover George

Faith and Allen are passionate about Port Moody.

“We’ve lived here for more than 20 years and we still love it,” Faith says. “In fact, when we realized it was time to move from our 50-year-old, five-bedroom house, the number-one criteria was that it had to be in Port Moody.”

After months of looking, the couple discovered George… and fell in love.

Welcome home

“There wasn’t a lot of development happening when we started looking, and at first we thought we’d have to settle for a condo — which neither of us wanted,” Faith recalls. “Then low and behold, we were out one day and saw the Marcon sign for new townhouses. It was like the universe had listened and responded.”

The floorplan that captured their hearts was different than most — designed wide rather than narrow with more of the single-family ambiance they were used to. The only problem was it hadn’t technically been released yet.

“But the sales team were wonderful and so accommodating,” Faith says. “They made it work for us even though we knew we’d have to wait a little longer.”

She admits that after a bad experience with another developer several years earlier, she and Allen were both a bit nervous when it came time for the final walk-through. “This was completely different. The sales team were so knowledgeable and professional — all they wanted was to make sure we were happy about every detail. They even showed us how to clean the furnace filter.”

The best move

The couple moved into their three-bedroom and flex townhome just before Christmas and couldn’t be happier. “Our daughter initially thought we’d made a mistake downsizing, but when she came for a visit, she said she immediately felt at home.”

Best of all, Allen and Faith say now that they aren’t spending all their time on chores like mowing the lawn and maintenance, they’re able to travel, pursue their hobbies, go for walks, and enjoy Port Moody’s many arts and cultural events. “In summer, there are awesome musical performances every Sunday at Rocky Point Park, good, professional bands too. So you can grab something at Brewer’s Row and spend the whole afternoon enjoying the mountain views and listening to great music.”


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