From bricks and beams to design and technology, DAZZ Group brings it all home

By NextHome Staff
July 28, 2021

Some builders specialize in drawing up designs, while others have mastered digging dirt. Some have perfected the art of securing permits, others excel at putting in the sewers, water and electric lines. There are architects, designers and a plethora of others who do the creative work.

When considering everything that goes into building your home – you want someone who brings a vast knowledge of all components – well-rounded expertise, experience and the reputation to back it all up.

Jack Da Silva

Meet Jack Da Silva, president and CEO of DAZZ Group. As an established real estate developer, DAZZ Group specializes in the complete development process, from design, architecture, engineering and planning, to develop your unique home. The company’s mission is to deliver an exceptional value proposition through a collaborative approach of multidisciplinary teams to develop customizable solutions, inspired by an integrated approach to all in-house services.

DAZZ Group offers a broad range of modern high-quality services, including architectural and structural design, civil engineering, interior and lighting design, and landscape architecture for residential and commercial projects. This holistic approach saves time, reduces costs and delivers innovative solutions, complemented with fine craftsmanship gained by decades of experience, starting with building from scratch, to renovating old buildings and designing vibrant, functional homes you will be proud to live in.

We sat down with Da Silva to talk about the company’s latest endeavours.

Condo Life: You started as a custom builder and have recently moved to building communities. What made you want to make the leap?

Da Silva: It’s the excitement of making new communities. These communities start off with a lifeless and uninspiring property. Being able to use our vision to build it into something beautiful is just so rewarding.

Condo Life: Your instinct to build in St. Catharines is timely, given it is among the top places to live in Canada. Do you have a list of criteria when choosing where to build new communities?

Da Silva: We look at a lot of different criteria when building new communities in new and up-and-coming areas. I look for an area that is growing, has opportunities, convenient access to urban amenities and abundant nature. A place that invites diversity, culture and, most importantly, presents an elevated quality of life.

Condo Life: When you built custom homes, you were known for modern homes, constructed with old-world craftsmanship. Is that what sets you apart as a builder?

Da Silva: What sets me apart as a builder is that I always build a product, no matter where, when and how many, as if it was my own principal home. I take exceptional care; I fuss over every detail and enjoy doing it. Attention to detail is critical because a home is one of the most important and biggest investments that a family or person makes in their entire life. I respect that – so we give our everything – expertise, knowledge – and go the extra mile to make it their perfect dream home.

Condo Life: DAZZ Group is a family affair. Was it always your hope that the family would follow in your footsteps? What are their roles in the company?

Da Silva: Yes, it was always my dream to have my family together in business. Ana, Daniel and Mathew are superb leaders and managers in the company, and run the development, construction management and sales processes.

Condo Life: What do you do when you’re not checking out sites and building new homes?

Da Silva: When I am not checking out sites and building homes, I am always spending time with my family, taking my youngest, Noah, to his soccer practices and games. I love watching him play. I am a family man, and have also helped raise money to build three homes in the Dominican Republic for families who do not have a home. DAZZ Group paid for all the materials and even went there for a week to complete the homes for them.

As a builder with a passion for creating the perfect home, DAZZ Group is proud to introduce St. Kitt’s Urban Towns, coming this September. It will be an enviable community of 290 thoughtfully designed, modern one- and two-bedroom suites that complement one’s lifestyle. The spacious urban towns range in size from 900 to 1,569 sq. ft. with beautiful balconies for your best al fresco life.

Lush and lively

Lush and lively, St. Catharines, better known as “the Garden City,” is an idyllic, highly coveted lifestyle destination that holds onto its small-town charm, yet offers all the urban conveniences. Celebrated for its epic natural tourist attractions, St. Catharines boasts a plethora of parks, hiking trails, forested paths, waterfalls and its outstanding Port Dalhousie waterfront. The historic yet vibrant downtown invites fabulous shopping and dining, along with one of the oldest farmers’ markets in Ontario. Culturally rich and diverse, patrons of the arts will enjoy an eclectic array of art galleries, theatrical performances, and everyone’s favourite summer traditions – concerts and rib fests in the park. From family-friendly farm visits, nearby golf courses and several stellar wineries to enjoying local sips, St. Catharines is a charming community and offers a way of life that you’ve always dreamt of.

Coming September 2021
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