Seeds of growth bear fruit in Kinglet Gardens I Cover Story

By NextHome Staff
September 29, 2023

A garden fit for kings. In many ways, this is what Kinglet Gardens means for its residents. This Rohit Land development in the northwest is rapidly blossoming into the family-friendly, amenity-rich community it had always been envisioned to be – a neighbourhood where growth is lovingly nurtured.

Seeds have been planted for its future growth and they are already bearing fruit. Kinglet Gardens won the Best Showhome Parade category at the 2023 CHBA Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence in Housing and was again a finalist for the Best Showhome Parade at this year’s BILD Alberta Awards.

Industry recognition, the developer says, is a testament to the dedication and creativity of everyone involved in creating the community’s plentiful amenities and its showhomes.

“Winning awards is a great honor, but bringing the community together was even more fulfilling.” says Marty Pawlina, Division Marketing Manager, Land Development, Rohit Group of Companies.

That is ever the goal for the developer and Rohit has exemplified this dedication in all their communities. Kinglet Garden’s, award-winning showhome parade is a brilliant distillation of the vision for the community, a microcosm of what life here is meant to look like.

The Kinglet Gardens showhome parade showcases a stunning array of home architecture that blends seamlessly with the overall design and aesthetic of the community. Adorned with flags and model signs featuring Rohit’s signature brand colours of vibrant blue and bold yellow, the parade is a visual spectacle that captures the attention of all who pass by.

“Whether you’re enjoying a walk through the neighbourhood or watching your kids play at the playground, you’ll be surrounded by the vibrant and inviting colours that define our community’s brand,” Pawlina tells Edmonton New Home + Condo Guide.

A joyous start

From the start, Rohit knew that Kinglet Gardens would be a special community. It’s opening marked the first big event that the developer hosted after the lost years of the pandemic.

The pealing laughter of children resounded throughout the day when Rohit Land Development hosted the Garden Party to celebrate the opening of Kinglet Gardens in September last year. It was a memorable event that also offered a glimpse into the family-friendly design of its newest community in the northwest.



Hundreds of people turned out for the party, and dynamic sales activity quickly followed that has made Kinglet Gardens one of best-selling communities in the northwest.

The community’s quick success came as no surprise to Rohit Land Development that had expertly designed Kinglet Gardens to have an almost universal appeal to homebuyers, crafting it into a community where nature and nurture come to life.

Designed for life

One of Kinglet Garden’s biggest advantage is its proximity to nature. As part of the Big Lake community, Kinglet Gardens is close to wildlife and lake activities for the whole family, making it the ideal home for the outdoorsy and recreation minded.

Rohit enhances this advantage by installing in-community amenities as soon as possible, and now Kinglet Gardens already boasts a park and playground, community gardens, and a pond. Building all these amenities first underlines Rohit’s commitment to residents so they can feel at home as soon as they move in. It is a commitment the developer keeps in all its other communities.
Rohit has also established a cohesive look of the community to further differentiate it from other neighbourhoods. For Kinglet Gardens, Rohit Land Development chose the brand colours of vibrant royal blue with high contrast yellow accents that are prominently displayed throughout the neighbourhood.

Showhome bonanza

Like in any other community, the showhome parade is where those looking for a home get a glimpse of what life in the neighbourhood could be like, and Kinglet Gardens’ showhomes uniquely reflect a stylish, relaxed lifestyle.

There are three front-drive garage showhomes from Blackstone Homes, Rohit Communities and Victory Homes; a laned showhome from ART Homes; and duplex showhomes from Victory Homes and Blackstone Homes.

Kinglet Gardens holds an appeal to the widest range of homebuyers as it offers a variety of home types to fit any lifestyle and budget, including single-family homes with front attached garages and with rear detached garages, duplexes, and townhomes.
It will have two types of duplex homes: a front-back model, which features one-half of the duplex with a front-attached garage and the other half with a rear-detached one. This provides an aesthetically pleasing streetscape allowing for more landscaping in the front yards. The community also features standard front-drive duplexes.

On build-out, Kinglet Gardens is anticipated to have around 500 homes appealing to both first-time homebuyers and move-up buyers. In that sense, it is a boutique neighbourhood and with all the amenities in the centre of the community, neighbours can easily get to know each other.

Pawlina says buyers can trust that Rohit remains committed to developing exceptional communities, with several projects in the pipeline.

This year, Rohit already launched Cambrian in Sherwood Park, Chèrot in St. Albert, and soon Parkside in Southwest Edmonton soon. “We will be offering exciting amenities and new product types in the respective communities. We have also added additional new lots in our existing Southwest communities, Ridgecrest at Glenridding Ravine and Arbours of Keswick, as well as newly released ravine lots in our award-winning Woodhaven Edgemont in west Edmonton.”

Clearly big things are still to happen through the year and beyond with Rohit Land Development and the rest of the Rohit Group.
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