Find the perfect vanity for your tiny bathroom

By Sara Bederman
December 05, 2018

A small bathroom doesn’t have to fall short on style or storage. The right vanity can go a long way to meeting both demands. Here are three considerations when shopping for that perfect vanity that satisfies those big ‘small-space’ cravings.

Size matters

It’s not the size of the bathroom that counts, it’s how you use it, right? Consider the vanity’s height and depth in relation to the room, and how you use the space. Particularly in compact bathrooms, you’ll want to pay close attention to factors such as door swing, location of the toilet and tub, and the general flow of traffic. Along with vanity dimensions come some other technical considerations. Where is the plumbing located? Do you require a single or double sink? How will the faucet be mounted? It’s always best to consult with a professional contractor who can advise you on what’s possible in your space, the scope of work and timeline for completion, and the cost.

Out of sight, out of mind

The type of bathroom you have will dictate which storage system will best meet your needs. A powder room has minimal storage requirements, while an ensuite or a busy family bathroom calls for greater storage, organization and efficiency. For small bathrooms that see a lot of action, consider installing a vanity cabinet which is perfect for tucking away towels, toilet paper, tissue boxes, and perhaps a drawer (or an under-counter caddy) for each family member to store personal items.

Styles for miles

Some see a small bathroom as a design challenge. I view it as the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Since the space is limited, the few fixtures you have (including the vanity) need to be high-impact. Select a vanity style that stands out to you, either for its materials, shape, style, or another unique detail that sets it apart.

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