Stone veneers offer cool looks this summer

By Sara Bederman
July 09, 2019

Stone has been a widely popular choice among architects, designers and homeowners alike for many centuries – highly acclaimed for its quality, durability and unique aesthetic. As a designer, I know a stunning stone slab also comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, now you can get the look of stone for less. Stone veneer products have a lot more going for them than just their looks. Stone veneers deliver all the elegance of real stone, but at just a third of the weight and a fraction of the price. Its applications are easy and virtually endless. Relatively new to the world of design and decor, it's already making a splash with its wide range of looks for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here are some popular stone styles to keep your eye on this year.

Rough & Tumble

This raw, organic trend is all about the texture. Stone’s wonderfully earthy attributes are highlighted, defined by their naturally occurring variations in colour, irregular shapes and varied size. These qualities all contribute to this trend’s serious touchability. (Just try and resist running your fingertips along these walls as you walk by!)

Modern Geometrics

Clean lines and crisp edges characterize this contemporary trend, which is warmed up with stone’s naturally earthy colours and patterns. This material’s organic edge is beautifully complemented by the materials that surround it. In this case, an ultra-trendy hexagon-shaped tile abuts a rustic wood product, such as a distressed, hand-scraped hardwood, creating a cool clash of styles, textures and materials.

Modern Meets Nature

This trend ranks high on the sophistication scale, landing comfortably between the “rustic-rough” and “clean-contemporary” styles. Within the parameters of this aesthetic, shape and colour are relatively uniform. Instead, texture plays a big role in keeping this trend exciting. Stone veneer products achieve an understated organic edge highlighted by the interplay of shadow and light on its surface. The look is chic, yet rustic and warm – a great addition to a feature wall or fireplace.

White Wolf Hex Series from ERTH Coverings is a stunning marble tile that works for flooring, backsplash or feature wall applications. While 2019 is all about hexagons, this trend translates well with all geometrics.

Tundra Rock by stone veneer company ERTH Coverings, artfully embraces stone’s bumps and grooves, adding that signature third dimension to flat – and otherwise boring – walls.

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